Upgrading to 1.29

I’ve had some reports of the upgrade process damaging people’s worlds.

If you have a valuable world:

  • Please back it up frequently to Dropbox or SD card, and especially before opening it for the first time in a new version of the game
  • Make sure that you have plenty of free space on device before upgrading your worlds

I’ve done all I could to make the upgrade process work smoothly. It worked fine for thousands of worlds, including hundreds that I have tested it on personally. But once in a while some unforeseen combination of bad luck may throw it off.

Even Challenger blew up, even though NASA said the chance of failure was 1:100000.

Be safe. Back up your valuable worlds.


1.29 on Windows & Amazon

Microsoft and Amazon have approved 1.29 some time earlier today. They should be available to download soon, if they are not already.

I keep receiving heaps of screenshots from you. Great job!

If I may suggest something, get some grand builds from community content or the forums, and make some screenshots with the buildings in view. I already have plenty of landscapes/sunsets etc.

iOS 1.29 is already submitted, but it may take time, as usual…


Screenshots and new camera

Thank you for sending your screenshots, I’ve already received hundreds of them!

I want to make your job easier and give you more options so I quickly added a new, fourth type of camera to the game. Fixed camera. It stays in place and allows you to move and play normally. Hope you can take some great shots with it!

Should be publishing 1.29.8 with the new camera in a few minutes. I want to also release for Amazon and Microsoft today, but we’ll see how it goes. iOS still needs a few final tweaks for 1.29, but should be coming soon as well.

Some more screenshot advice:

  • Make sure you disable UI, logo and select FullHD resolution in settings. I’ve received plenty of nice images ruined because you forgot the rules!
  • Do not edit or crop the images. Send them as they are saved by the game. If they are not 1920×1080 pixels high-quality JPGs I can’t use them.


Screenshots Cont.

Some tips for you:

  • Turn up visibility range to the max (unless you have a good artistic reason not to). Don’t snap immediately, you’ll need to wait a while after spawning before the game loads all the terrain around up to the horizon.
  • Do not write anything on the screenshots, crop them or otherwise modify!
  • Take a few screenshots of a scene in quick succession and later select the best one.
  • The UI will be invisible, but whatever the player holds in his hand will. Make him hold interesting stuff, like bow, crossbow, musket, axe, a wood block, etc.
  • You can do screenshots of builds or use custom texture packs, but don’t overdo it.
  • Theme your photos. A mix of everything and a kitchen sink, painted in random colors is not as good as matching stuff. For example a moose in the snow, with big trees around and player aiming at it with a bow sounds good.
  • Take pictures of the player using orbit camera – pick your clothes carefully to match the scene.

Keep going!

Btw. you don’t need to rush, I want to give other platforms a chance too so there is plenty of time.


The Screenshot Contest

The screenshots used by Survivalcraft in Google Play and other stores badly need updating. Some of them date to prehistoric times of 1.19 (the version I added electricity), if not earlier. A lot of the game features, like bows, crossbows, muskets, painting, tall spruces, etc. etc. are not there.

But making good screenshots is time consuming. I’d rather spend the time working on 1.30.

How about you make some?

Here’s the deal. I have some promo codes for the game on Android and iOS. These will be the prizes for the screenshots that win, and will actually get used. You need to take the screenshots, using in-game camera button.

Hey, wait! Before you do anything, make sure you use these settings:

  • User Interface / Show UI in screenshots: NO
  • User Interface / Show logo in screenshots: NO
  • User Interface / Screenshot resolution: FullHD
  • Performance / Display FPS counter: NO

I cannot accept screenshots taken with wrong settings. I will need to process the screenshots for different platforms, and if there is UI, logos, FPS, or they are wrong resolution, they will be useless.

Unfortunately you must use 1.29 to take the screenshots, so only Android users are in luck currently. But I will be publishing to other platforms soon, and the contest does not end tomorrow.

Once you take the shots, please email them to candyrufusgames@gmail.com with subject “Screenshots”. Do not send too many – a few best ones is OK. You can also post them for all to see in comments if you wish.

Here’s a nice one I’ve taken accidentally when working on tall spruces:

Screenshot 2 1920x1080.jpg

But it is a little bare. Maybe if it had the player aiming a gun at a moose?

Good Luck!

I know most of you already paid for the game, so the promo codes are not that great, but you may always get the game on another platform, give the code to someone you like, or make a contest of your own with the code as prize. I have never used Android codes (they are new to the platform), so we’ll see how it goes.



More fixing

Apprently 1.29.6 is not good enough either.

I spent half of today chasing an out of memory crash when uploading large worlds. It turns out it’s an issue in Mono (the library I use to run the game on Android/iOS). There’s not much I could do, but it should be a little better in 1.29.7. Windows users don’t have this problem because there’s no Mono there.

Here’s 1.29.7 changelist:

  • Fixed projectiles hitting targets multiple times
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes affect musket when shooting at the ground from close range
  • Reduced memory usage when compressing worlds for upload





Will this ever end! Someone tried to cook an egg and it did not work. Oh well, we need 1.29.6…

Since 1.29 there are 2 types of eggs, laid and non-laid. Laid egg is an honest egg, laid by a bird. Non-laid egg, also known as spawner egg, is a cheaty little egg taken from creative inventory.


The difference is vital: when thrown, laid eggs have only a very small chance of spawning a bird. Spawner eggs have 100% chance. This must be so, otherwise in Challenging you could cheat by throwing an egg and turning it into a bird, which is much more nutritious.

Before 1.29 it worked by making all eggs spawn with 100% probability in creative mode only. Since the dispenser was added this is not good enough. You may want to dispense laid eggs as food, or make dispenser spawn animals by shooting spawner eggs. This must work in Challenging or Adventure. So the old system was not good enough, hence 2 egg types.

The problem was that I forgot to adjust cooking recipes. Result: spawner eggs were cookable instead of laid eggs. There’s no point in cooking spawner eggs. Cooked werewolf spawner egg anyone? So this is corrected in 1.29.6. I also modified weapons/tools powers and durabilities a little to give more credibility to this version.

Anyway, 1.29.6 is published. Maybe this is it.

When I am not reading your comments I am working on 1.30.




1.29.5 is out on Google Play. Changes:

  • Fix for wires sticking out of the wall
  • Fixed stairs placement
  • Reversed hands movement vs legs when walking in 3rd person mode

Hopefully, maybe, this will be the last one?


More fixes

As the weekend nears, more people have taken to testing the game and the result is more bugs discovered.

I made another adjustment to stairs placement. I am sure it’s still not ideal, but you can now do the below, although you need to start by placing all inside blocks and only then the outside (thanks to Alex Lesser for posting the problem screenshot):


Another bug is to do with wires sticking out of the wall after replacing gate with wire. I reproduced that and I’m working on a fix. The electricity format changed completely in 1.29, so this is only to be expected that there are little problems like that.

That means other platforms must stay patient for a little while longer.



1.29.4 published

You probably noticed that 1.29.3 full version is already out. Have fun, and keep testing.

I’ve just published 1.29.4 which adds a few cosmetic changes, one being adjustment of delay gate UI to show delay from 0.01 to 2.56 instead of 0.00 to 2.55.

I am publishing it because by accident I pulled some early changes I am working on for 1.30 into 1.29 branch. They should have no user impact whatsoever, but I want to be 100% sure before I release for iOS and other platforms.

If 1.29.4 is good, I will be publishing for all other platforms. I will also announce a small contest.


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