Windows 8.1 issue

I’ve been hearing from you about Windows 8.1 problem that only happens when the game window is fullscreen. Apparently, some sidebars pop out and make the game unplayable. Could you please tell me more about this in the comments, and perhaps make a screen video / take some screenshots to show me the problem? At the moment I can’t reproduce anything on my side.

Google Play 2.1.8 published

I’ve just uploaded a new version, 2.1.8, to Google Play. This should bring it up to date with Windows versions plus some newest fixes.

Here’s the changes since 2.1.6:

  • Fixed underwater rendering with low/medium resolutions
  • Increased amount of spawned creatures
  • Fixed look touchpad being shifted up when move buttons are visible
  • Dropbox login works even if application is shutdown after switching to browser
  • Corrected typos in animals descriptions
  • Fixed scrolling by two pages in creative inventory panel
  • Fixed screenshot taking when screenshot aspect different from screen aspect

You should get the update in a couple of hours.


Apple and PS3 controller

Apple have rejected the 2.1 update due to screenshot issues. Their rejection messages are extremely vague, so I don’t know what the problem is. I will probably have to make some new screenshots, resubmit and hope for the best.

This means more waiting for Apple update. Sorry!

Today finally I’ve got my PS3 dualshock controller for testing:


I connected it to an Android Phone with an OTG cable. I was expecting the triggers not to work, as this has been reported by you. But what? They work perfectly fine! Are you sure the triggers still don’t work for you?

Btw. I was expecting better from a Sony controller. The problem is that their thumbsticks are badly calibrated. They report maximum value when only about halfway to the edge, so the remaining movement is pointless. Plus, each stick and direction behaves slightly differently. Why not use all the range consistently on all axes like the Xbox ones?

Or, maybe it’s just the PC driver. When connected to a Sony console, they might work differently. Actually, I am pretty sure they do. I don’t believe Sony would have screwed so royally on such a basic thing. But I don’t have a PS3 lying around to check it.

Windows Store & Windows Phone out

2.1.21 & 2.1.31 bugfix updates should be available for Windows user already. Here’s the list of changes:

  • Fixed performance drop when gamepad connected on Windows 8.1 (thanks to spoon3er for bug report)
  • Fixed look touchpad being shifted up when move buttons are visible
  • Dropbox login fixed on Windows Phone
  • Dropbox login should work even if the app gets killed while you are in the browser entering credentials
  • Corrected typos in animals descriptions
  • Fixed scrolling by two pages in creative inventory panel

Other platforms will receive those fixes too. I am currently waiting for a PS3 controller to be shipped to me so that I can figure out why triggers are not working.

iOS in review

I submitted iOS version and we’re currently waiting for Apple to approve or reject it. It may take a day or a few days for them to respond, depending on how lucky we are.

In the meantime I am working on another quick fix update. Will let you know soon what goes in there.

Amazon approved

Amazon have approved the submission. If you purchased Survivalcraft in their web store, it should be already available for update.

I am working on iOS submission now. Will keep you posted.

Amazon submitted

Will let you know once it’s approved.

This leaves iOS. I usually leave it for last because it’s the most complicated submission, and the most risky. Need to fire up the iPad and do some last-minute testing.

Windows Store ready

You’ve probably noticed already, but Windows Store version is up and ready for downloading/update.

Have fun!

In the meantime, some people have complained that their 3rd party gamepads do not work with the Windows Store version. Yes, Microsoft only allows XInput gamepads (i.e. XBox gamepads) in Windows Store 8.1 apps. Most older PC gamepads use DirectInput standard, and are not recognized as XInput devices.

If you have one of those, fortunately there is a solution. Try a program called InputMapper 2. It’s free, but you must register to download it. The user interface is very clunky and it took me a full hour to set it up, but eventually I got my DirectInput controller working in Survivalcraft. So it’s definitely possible.

A second, and probably better solution is to just get an used Xbox 360 gamepad. They are very good quality (in my experience miles better than any 3rd party controllers) and come for ~$10 on eBay these days.

Btw. this is how InputMapper2 looks like with the 3 plugins required to make a generic DirectInput gamepad work with Survivalcraft:


There are also specific plugins for Playstation 3 and 4 controllers, and many more.



Windows Store in certification

I’ve just published Windows Store (Windows 8.1+, Windows Phone) for certification.

Here’s the list of changes from Android 2.1.6:

  • Increased amount of animals spawned
  • Fixed rendering issue when underwater and resolution set to low/medium

I’ll let you know once it passes (or fails) certification.

I will release these small changes for Android soon too. The remaining platforms waiting for release are Amazon and iOS.

Blocks data and icons

I’ve updated blocks data and icons on Files/Technical page. You can also download it here.

There’s a much more comprehensive set of blocks icons (over 1500 of them) in the zip. The number after filename is the data value associated with the block that produces the given variant.

Hope this will be useful.

…and 1500 more