Out On Google Play

As is the tradition, I first pushed out the update to Google Play.

For all newcomers, the reason is that there is no certification/review process on this platform, therefore I can iterate potential bugfixes quickly. You can think of it as a “beta” release. Once the bugs are ironed out (in the past it has usually taken a couple of days), I will publish to the remaining platforms.

It already shows as available in Google Play on mine, but might take a few more hours where you are.

Please update and test, test, test! Let me know about any bugs by commenting on this post, or email me at candyrufusgames at gmail.com.

You can view the full changelist on the Updates History page.

Those who follow my twitter know that there is a little more to this update that I announced on the blog :-)

Like this for example:



Pumpkin farming!

A Short Movie About Freezing

Just released to the cinemas!


When you are wet, the clothes provide almost no insulation. It takes some time to dry, much faster near a fire. But there’s no fire in this movie.

More animals

Meet the barracuda:


A fierce saltwater fish, from 1.26 on will help sharks make your life a misery!

[EDIT] Forgot to add that it’s a nocturnal fish, during the night it will smell you from a long distance and come to get you. During the day it’s docile. [/EDIT]

I am now tweaking the insulation/clothing/temperature combo. Basically, I am aiming for:

  • When out in a cold area, you need a proper fur outfit, especially when it’s snowing or during the night (it’s colder then). You can exist for some time with lighter clothes, but eventually you’ll freeze.
  • In a cold area, when hidden in a completely enclosed shelter you can just make do with your normal shirt and pants, even without a fire. Open the door and you’ll freeze quickly. You need the shirt/pants though, naked you die even in the shelter.
  • In an enclosed shelter with fire going on you can take your clothes off.
  • When near fire you can survive with light clothes in the open even in coldest areas.

There is a cool effect when you are freezing, I’ll try to show you in one of the coming posts.

I reinstated leather drops from wolves, you can get fur from the bears:



Clothes dyeing

Most clothes can be dyed (with 16 color buckets available in the game), so you can create nearly infinite variety:



Really close to release now.


This is post #501 on this blog, so a small celebration is in order. Unfortunately I have no time…

Ready for anything

How do you like this guy:


Real caveman, with armor made of wooden sticks and a club, ready for anything to come his way :-)

Stick armor will be easy to make early in the game, you just need to find some wood and ivy and make a crafting table. It’s not very durable (one hit from a rhino will waste it), but better than bare skin. 60% of hits lands on the torso, so having it protected is better than any other part of the body.

After today, there are 24 different items to wear in the game. I’m now off to finish other things besides clothing, if I get some more time at the end I’ll add socks :-)

New crafting table

Looks a lot better:

Crafting Table

There are more small changes like that.

I am now adding more clothing. I think the game now really beats some dress-a-princess games. Even if only because you can’t take your new outfit to bear wrestling in them :-)

No ads

I’ve just purchased ad removal from the blog for a year, so you should see no more of those ugly peskies when reading, at least for the time being. I also removed ads for 3 months from the forums.

I hate ads.

And yes, it is cotton. You’re brilliant :-)

Work on 1.26 is going on. My todo list is still too long for comfort…

No clothes on respawn

Because clothes are now a normal item like each other, it would be silly to give the player a new set every time he respawns. In no time he would cheat his way into a huge stockpile.

So in 1.26, you only get your tattered clothes on first spawn. Every respawn after that, you appear naked. Or rather in the boxer shorts :-) Tough.

I’m working hard to get the game released for Christmas. There’s a new plant coming, with 3-stage growth setup. Almost finished working on it. It is to do with clothes. I’m sure, as usual, you can guess what it is:




Family Album

Here’s clothes progress update.

I am now past the visual stage, which is working and looking nice. There’s a few little niggles, but the heavy lifting is done. The clothes render in all viewports, inventory, as pickables or projectiles, and look good.

Here’s the family album, various clothes and armor combinations:


As you see, you can wear multiple clothing and armor items in each slot! I think this is the coolest feature of them all. You can wear underclothes, then proper clothes and finally top it up with armor. All the effects combine.

Almost turned the game into a “girly” dress-a-princess game :-)

I am rushing towards the release, hopefully not much longer to wait now.

More visibility

I keep working on the temperature stuff. It’s nice how lighting a fire or enclosing a thermometer in a box makes the reading go up. In 1.25 thermometer was tied to fixed environment temperature and not affected by such things. And remember, you can use thermometers as electric devices, so it opens up way for some nice temperature-dependent mechanisms. For example the door will only open if you light a fire in front of it or make magma flow near it.

The next thing to tackle is temperature effects on the player. I spent a long time thinking about it. My worry is that adding too many complex effects will make the game too tedious. You don’t feel cold/hot in the game as you do in real life, you’ll need to rely on messages and on-screen effects to even realize that you are freezing. I don’t want to overdo it, it must be something simple that is not annoying, but at the same time having a definite impact on the gameplay.

That’s still in progress, though.

In the meantime I am adding a new notch to visibility range slider: 256. My recent memory usage improvements and general trend of devices getting faster makes it worthwhile. It makes a lot of difference, have a look (animated gif):



256 is equal to “far” viewing distance in desktop Minecraft, and some computers struggle with it. So it’s not too bad that we can now do it in Survivalcraft on your phone :-)


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