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Since I re-enabled community content uploading on iOS, predictably it started filling up with clan worlds.

I have an idea how we can deal with this. Most people do not care about clans, but some do, and it’s their way of having fun. To keep both groups happy I am adding Community Content filtering capability to the game.

The filter will be available in the settings and have 4 possible values:

  • Disabled – disables community content entirely
  • Strict – shows only manually whitelisted worlds (like iOS before 1.29)
  • Normal (the default) – shows only moderated worlds
  • ShowAll – shows everything (like all versions now)

The default value of Normal means players will not see most of the clan worlds. They’ll need to switch to ShowAll first.

I might soon release a quick update for 1.29 that adds this feature.

More Screenshots

I updated the screenshots page with 11 new excellent screenshots I received from you in the meantime. Check out the one with the skull:


The time is nigh to choose winners, but I’ve not decided how to do it yet. At the moment my best idea is to hand pick about 20 best candidates out of the screenshots page, and let you vote in a poll.

If you have a better plan, let me know!


Thanks to 32 bit blocks I was able to make certain blocks be placeable underwater.

Have a look at this:


Prickly, prickly sea urchins :-)

Of course they hurt when stepped on, like cacti. I have some plans to do with Survival mode that will make use of them. Not sure if they’ll make 1.30 though.


New feature

I was playing with the new feature today with my son and daughter. I think I haven’t told you I have kids yet? They often help me test the game.

I think the new thing is BIG. We literally spent hours doing various things, basically exploring the possibilities it gives you. They seem endless. As I write it, my son is still making stuff with it. We had literally a dozen new ideas every minute, there’s not nearly enough time to try them all. That will be up to you.

I am a survival mode player at heart, but this thing almost made me into a creative mode guy :-)

I don’t want to spoil the big unveiling that will happen eventually, so no screenshots of this half-baked feature yet. Some bits still need polishing, that’s why we’re testing it so heavily now.

You will like it. Even if you are a survival guy like me.



I received a huge mass of screenshots from you. Thank you!

It took me many hours to progressively boil it down to 72 best ones, in my opinion. Unfortunately I had to disqualify a lot of promising pictures because they were not following the rules: wrong resolution, had logos and FPS counters, were cropped or edited etc.

See for yourselves, some of the screenshots are just brilliant! I especially love the one with the cell door and the one with the ship viewed from above. Go to Screenshots page.

The screenshots page is available from the site menu and will stay there. I will keep adding outstanding screenshots if I receive any, so you can still send them if you wish.

It will take some time to pick the real winners. I am not sure how to do it yet.

A bug and 1.30 progress

There seems to be a bug in Windows Store version of Survivalcraft. Some people are reporting the game hangs on startup showing just black screen. If you have this issue, can you please send me your system info? (Press Windows Key and type “System Info”. This should launch system info app. Go to File/Save and send me the saved .nfo file please).

I am deep in the bowels of 1.30, working on the grand feature. I still cannot promise that it will work out, but I now have a version with most important bits in place, at least in a rudimentary way, and it seems everything is OK. So there is hope.

When I showed you the chair in the last post, I didn’t realize you will take it so literally: Kaalus is adding a chair to the game :-) If it was just a chair, of course it would be a bit underwhelming. Especially that I tweeted that I think the new feature might be bigger than electricity.

It’s not just a chair. Look at the previous 2 pictures I posted and I leave it to your imagination to see what the new feature is really capable of.

Plus, as I am working on this thing, I get more and more ideas how I can make it even grander than I thought it will be. I might (a very tentative might) even be able to connect it with crafting and electricity.

I have a huge mass of screenshots from you that I have to organize and review. I don’t want to distract myself from 1.30 at the moment, so you still have some more time to send your stuff! Here’s a bunch of good ones I received to inspire you. Note that the first one has wrong aspect ratio because FullHD was not selected in UI settings. But that’s excused as it was likely taken on an iPad before 1.29 was available.


Survivalcraft 2016-01-26 17-35-01.jpg

Survivalcraft 2016-01-26 17-28-12.jpg

Don’t mess with me, I have big boots!





Clear and obvious

Ok, enough games. Here’s the deal:


It’s not an engine, it’s not a meteorite, not a new way to milk the cows either.

<goes back to work on 1.30>

And please keep downloading Survivalcraft Day One!




More vagueness

I am sorry that I am playing with you like that. I probably shouldn’t, but I can’t make myself just say what it is. It takes weeks to code it, and just a couple of seconds to read about it. Not so easy!

So here’s another vague and tiny speck of the new feature:


This should set you on the right track.

And please remember that Survivalcraft Day One needs your help this weekend!

If you have an iPhone/iPad/iPod, please download it. It is free and you can test 1.29 features while we’re waiting for the full version.


Btw. can someone confirm whether the bugged clothing/player model is fixed in 1.29? It is on my test iPhone 6, but that’s just one device.


Survivalcraft Day One

I forgot to tell you, but in 1.29 on iOS uploading to community content is re-enabled, as is browsing of the entire content, not just the whitelisted items. Hooray!

Another thing I did not tell you is that I published two versions, not one. The new version is called Survivalcraft Day One, and is a free version of Survivalcraft that lets you play the first day and night, just like on other platforms. And Apple have just approved it:


Because this is a fresh free app, it needs all the clicks and downloads it can get. Please go to the app page. If you have an iOS device, please download it. It’s free and you can try out all the new 1.29 features while waiting for full version to be approved.

You can also start making 1.29 screenshots for the contest. One day and night should be enough to set it up. Just remember about the settings.

If you want to help further, you can also type in “Survivalcraft Day One” in the search box on app store. The more searches, the better app ranking.

The new big feature is going well so far. It’s not a meteorite, boulder or a new way of digging blocks, it’s something cooler, especially for the creative mode people. OK, no more hints.

Btw. once this is finished, I also plan to add something of interest for survival guys too, no worries!

And don’t forget about Day One, it needs your help this weekend!

Mysterious and vague

I am busy on 1.30. The big feature that was supposed to appear in 1.29 is in the works.

Because this is a large and risky one, the fact that I am working on it does not mean it will work out. I may hit a snag that prevents me from finishing it, and have to revert everything. Don’t hold your breath.

Therefore for now I am just going to post one image that is mysterious, vague and only tangentially connected with the real deal…


Anyway, it’s a lot more to go on than what you had before.



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