Deleting furniture

I see there is some confusion on deleting of furniture designs. There isn’t a delete button or a trash anywhere in the UI.


You cannot directly delete a furniture design.

Why is this so? It’s because there may be existing instances of this design somewhere in the world, or in your inventory, or in some chest far away.

If you deleted the design, they would all turn into some other random type of furniture, or even make the game crash (due to the way furniture is implemented internally). We don’t want to do that.

So how do you get rid of a design you don’t want?

Move it to Uncategorized set. As soon as the game detects there are no more instances of this furniture used anywhere else, it will delete it automatically.

I know this is not 100% intuitive, but it was the best I could come up at the time. Maybe there should be a delete button that would tell you “Cannot delete because there are N instances of this design used in the world” instead? Would that be any better?


Look what I got!

The Russian community sent me a world with a note not to open before Christmas.

Well, I opened it now, and look what I got:

Christmas Gifts.jpg

Loads of Christmas presents, in proper boxes, all under the Christmas tree! Every box is personalized.

It was a joy unpacking it all.

Beautiful! I think it’s the first time a game creator got Christmas gifts from the game community. I am touched. Thank you very much!

There’s even the grandpa statuette and a computer.


Christmas Presents Time!

I have something for you this year. A free game. Bugs!


It’s a free turret defence style game. No ads. No banners. No in-app purchases. No strings attached. Enjoy! Download it on Google Play.


Btw. I think it’s devilishly hard! Please let me know whether you were able to complete all 3 levels on Normal or harder difficulty.

If you don’t like turret defence games, sorry!  Maybe next year I’ll make something else that you’ll like better.

I will probably release it for Amazon, Windows and iOS too, but a little bit later. I need a food break. Making games is fun, publishing them to various AppStores not so much!

Btw. this game is completely independent of Survivalcraft, and of course it does not mean I stopped working on Survivalcraft! In fact I have already added some features for the upcoming 2.1 update.

Have a good Christmas!

The promotional price for Survivalcraft 2 is still in force, but it’s the last moments. I will be changing it to $3.99 soon.

I know, I need to post 2.0 changelist

Did you know that lightbulbs are now paintable, so that you can make them go nicely with colored wires?


Btw. 2.0 default blocks texture is already in Files/Technical section in case you wanted to make some block textures.

There’s 95 furniture packs in Community Content already. I haven’t had time to check out most of them, but I expect the quality will be going up as people learn how to make furniture. I made some tweaks to community content during this release, so less stuff should get automatically deleted.

Windows Phone bugfix update (2.0.41) is submitted and approved, you should be getting it soon.

Bug on Windows Phone

There is a bug in Windows Phone version of Survivalcraft 2. Due to a missing file, it is currently impossible to import worlds from older versions of the game:


My bad! All other platforms are OK.

Thank you for reporting. This is already fixed and I am preparing an update to submit later today.

Windows and Amazon available too

Windows Phone, Windows Store and Amazon have Survivalcraft 2 too:




I think only Windows 10 users may need to wait a few more hours before they can download it. I will update the links in the sidebar as they start working.

The price will stay $1.99 on all platforms for a short period of time yet before it goes back up to $3.99.

Btw. Do you thing it was a good idea to make buttons control (as opposed to pads) default?Personally I prefer pads, but I think most people are used to buttons. Some complain as they do not realize you can change them in Settings/Controls.

iOS version available

Apple were very quick this time!

You can now buy iOS version of Survivalcraft 2 and build some furniture or piston contraptions. iOS version also has edible sea urchins, I will release this tweak for Google Play soon.


As you can see the promotional price is still in force. I will revert it to $3.99 before Christmas so go ahead and take advantage!

I also submitted Windows Phone / Windows Store builds today. I am not sure how long it will take for them to be reviewed and available for download, but I will keep you posted.

Next platform: Amazon.

Btw. have you seen all the crazy youtube videos people are making with furniture and pistons? Infinite stone generators, self-healing buildings, detailed cars.

Which icon?

The current icon for Survivalcraft 2 is too similar to the one from original Survivalcraft. I created 2 designs, but can’t decide which one is better. Can you help me?

Is dots better or text better? The bottom versions with black background will appear in AppStore, top transparent versions will appear everywhere else.


iOS submitted

iOS is submitted, now we just have to wait. I will start working on other platforms.

I noticed that some of you are using furniture items as floors and walls instead of regular cube blocks. While it is possible to do so on a small scale, please keep in mind that furniture was not designed for this use. You will get edge artifacts on borders between furniture items, plus it will use excessive amount of geometry and kill the performance. It will also trigger the dreaded “disappearing blocks” problem much sooner (you exceed 64k triangles/chunk limit much more easily with furniture).

In general, while testing I found out that it is not a good idea to use furniture as building material for walls, ceilings or floors – despite the temptation. Use regular blocks. This is a blocky world game. Furniture is for decorations and special items, not for bulk filling.

The reason for that is because cube blocks use a heavily optimized generation and rendering paths. All invisible faces are removed, the geometry is split into subchunks for fastest rendering etc. This is why the engine can handle millions of them even on a lowly mobile phone. All of that is impossible with furniture.

If you fill a mountain with furniture, your device will die. It’s perfectly fine when filled with cubes.


I am now preparing a submission of Survivalcraft 2 to iOS App Store, so that you can enjoy it on your iPhones and iPads (or iPods). I’ll let you know once it’s submitted.

One change is that you now need at least iOS 6.0. iOS 5.1.1 is no longer supported, and so iPod Touch 3GS will no longer be able to run the game. iPod Touch 4 is still fine. These are ancient, obsoleted devices anyway.

As always with Apple, there is a large uncertainty factor. They for example may reject it altogether, forcing me to make some changes and resubmit. This happened before. Whatever they do, they take their time. Usually about a week. We are not likely to hear anything before that.