Monthly Archives: July 2022

More 2.3 bugfixes

I have finished work on the new bugfix release in the 2.3 series. It fixes the following issues:

  • Framerate drops due to sound effects playback on Android devices
  • “Adventure Restart” functionality not working properly with adventure worlds created in older versions of the game
  • External keyboard & mouse control not working on mobile devices

The slow audio playback causing framerate drops on Android has always been there, since 1.17 release back in 2012, the first version available on Android. But, as framerate in these ancient times was jittery anyway, the drops weren’t very noticeable. It gradually started to become a problem recently, as Android devices matured, and the framerate was more likely to stay at 60fps+ all the time.

I made a tentative fix to Survivalcraft 2 full version a few days ago, and submitted it to the store as a test. Unfortunately, the sound issue did not go away, the lags are still there.

So I decided to go nuclear. I completely ditched the current audio system for Android, which used Java-based Audiotrack objects, and replaced it with OpenAL. OpenAL for Android uses native OpenSL ES backend, instead of the problematic Audiotrack. Survivalcraft also uses OpenAL on all iOS devices, so the change wasn’t too complicated or too risky.

I submitted the new build of Survivalcraft 2 Day One (version which contains the latest fix. Please update and let me know if everything works. If it does, I will submit the full version of Survivalcraft and the remaining games as well.

Please note – currently only Survivalcraft 2 Day One has the fix. The other versions of the game still use the old audio system.