1.29.5 is out on Google Play. Changes:

  • Fix for wires sticking out of the wall
  • Fixed stairs placement
  • Reversed hands movement vs legs when walking in 3rd person mode

Hopefully, maybe, this will be the last one?


More fixes

As the weekend nears, more people have taken to testing the game and the result is more bugs discovered.

I made another adjustment to stairs placement. I am sure it’s still not ideal, but you can now do the below, although you need to start by placing all inside blocks and only then the outside (thanks to Alex Lesser for posting the problem screenshot):


Another bug is to do with wires sticking out of the wall after replacing gate with wire. I reproduced that and I’m working on a fix. The electricity format changed completely in 1.29, so this is only to be expected that there are little problems like that.

That means other platforms must stay patient for a little while longer.



1.29.4 published

You probably noticed that 1.29.3 full version is already out. Have fun, and keep testing.

I’ve just published 1.29.4 which adds a few cosmetic changes, one being adjustment of delay gate UI to show delay from 0.01 to 2.56 instead of 0.00 to 2.55.

I am publishing it because by accident I pulled some early changes I am working on for 1.30 into 1.29 branch. They should have no user impact whatsoever, but I want to be 100% sure before I release for iOS and other platforms.

If 1.29.4 is good, I will be publishing for all other platforms. I will also announce a small contest.

Some technical stuff

One of the side effects of the bugfix for Bay Trail devices is disabling of terrain vertex buffer/index buffer caching. I am worried about that, and I was wondering how much effect it will have on framerate consistency.

I made some measurements on Nexus 4 at 256 visibility range (i.e. heavy load). The table below contains standard deviations of frame times and percentages of frames above 100ms (i.e. stuttering).

Uncached (1.29.2) Cached (1.29.1)
Frames stddev >100ms % stddev >100ms %
0 0.37 1.6 0.124 0.4
250 0.26 0.4 0.434 1.6
500 0.236 0.4 0.468 0.4
750 0.322 1.2 0.371 0.8
1000 0.249 0.4 0.342 0.8
1250 0.273 0.4 0.397 0.8
1500 0.349 1.2 0.317 0.8
1750 0.417 1.2 0.507 0.8
2000 0.38 2 0.47 1.6
2250 0.31 0.8 0.42 2.4
2500 0.306 1.2 0.209 1.2
2750 0.222 0.8 0.405 1.6
3000 0.371 2.4 0.486 1.6
3250 0.402 2 0.321 0.8
3500 0.265 1.2 0.322 0.4
3750 0.293 2 0.363 1.2
Average 0.314 1.2 0.372 1.075

Each row is calculated from 250 frames, the entire table is 4000 frames.

As you can see, there’s not much difference at all. In the uncached scenario 1.2% of frames were above 100ms, while in the cached scenario 1.075%. I suspect this small difference is well within the measurement error. Especially that standard deviations point the other way, uncached is actually more consistent when it comes to frame length.

Sorry for boring you with this technical stuff :-) Should be releasing full version to Google Play soonish.



Stairs bug

Thanks for all the great screenshots of the stairs problem. I made some changes, and it is now possible to do that:


The problem was that the stairs connected unnecessarily to a neighbor block of stairs, forming a corner, when the neighbor was a corner itself. This is now fixed. The whole system is a bit complicated, but nowhere near as complicated as wires/electricity implementation ;-)

Stairs/slabs lighting is still a little bonkers, but this is a job for another update.

I will be releasing full version of 1.29 on Google Play soon.

1.29.2 Demo Out

The next testing version is out on Google Play. Changes:

  • Reordered iron and copper ores in creative inventory
  • Made UI sounds a bit quieter
  • Fixed Bay Trail devices crash bug – if you had frequent crashes when flying/moving, please try it out!
  • Made paintstripper undye clothes and carpets
  • Fixed bucket not gathering water/magma
  • Fixed copper rake not working

I know I mentioned 1.29.3, but it was a mistake :-)

Please update and keep testing!

Bay Trail fix

Good news! I finally found a way to workaround the video driver bug on Intel Bay Trail Android devices.

To remind you, this bug caused instant application crash, usually when flying or moving fast, normally after a few minutes of the game. It has been in the game since at least 1.27, maybe even 1.26.

Bay Trail devices are becoming fairly common, especially in the low end segment of the market, so this is excellent news. Some Bay Trail devices:

  • Tesco Hudl 2
  • Acer Iconia Tab 8
  • Onda V819i
  • Asus ME176
  • Dell Venue 7 & 8
  • Doubtless many, many more…

I don’t know whether the latest Cherry Trail chipset is also affected by this bug. Anyway, the next release of 1.29 will have it fixed (or rather worked around – I can’t fix Intel’s buggy drivers).

I will be releasing 1.29.3 with all the bugfixes so far shortly.

1.29 bugs so far

  • Copper rake does not work – fixed
  • Empty bucket does not pickup water/magma – fixed
  • Paint stripper should be able to “undye” clothing and carpets – done. Thanks to Chris Drake for suggestion!

All these will be out in 1.29.2.

Please keep testing!

Btw. a great video from ArMax:

I love it.

1.29 Demo On Google Play

I have just published demo to Google Play. It will take a few hours to become available everywhere.

Please download and test, even if you have the full version. I will publish the full version once all the bugs are ironed out.


Here’s the full changelist. Have a look through it, there’s probably some stuff I haven’t mentioned yet:

  • Dispenser not editable in Adventure
  • Projectiles damage does not bypass armor
  • Spawner eggs spawn 100% of the time in Adventure/Challenging, laid eggs only 20%
  • Conversion to 32bit blocks (more data per block)
  • Zip file decompression bug fixed
  • All stairs corners supported
  • Fixed stairs texture mapping to match other blocks irrespective of rotation
  • Projectile damage by large blocks reduced
  • Most electric devices can be mounted on the floor/ceiling (all gates, delay, SR Latch, Memory Bank, Truth Table, RT clock, Random Generator, DAC, ADC, Sound generator, Counter)
  • 8 colors of LEDs
  • 8 colors of 4-LEDs
  • 8 colors of 7-segment displays
  • Lightbulb has variable intensity depending on voltage (0.8-1.5V)
  • Added adjustable delay gate with user-configurable delay of 0.00 to 2.55 seconds
  • All stairs can be painted
  • All slabs can be painted
  • Separate categories for painted and dyed blocks to reduce clutter
  • Added stone stairs
  • Added stone slab
  • Made most solid construction blocks paintable (bricks, granite, cobblestone, planks, marble, stone bricks, sandstone, basalt)
  • Made all fences paintable
  • Made all fence gates paintable
  • Fixed texture orientation on all cube blocks to be consistent
  • Made all signs paintable
  • Added tall spruces
  • Made forests 20% denser
  • Added horizontal wood logs
  • Fallen wood logs generate deep forests
  • Added paint stripper bucket to remove paint from painted blocks
  • Placing slab on top of another creates full block
  • Stone fence model updated to look better
  • Added brick fence
  • Added basalt fence
  • Added copper armor (boots, leggings, chest plate, helmet)
  • Added copper tool (axe, pickaxe, shovel, rake)
  • Added copper weapons (machete, spear, arrows)
  • Displaying number of worlds on singleplayer screen
  • Added wire through bricks block
  • Switched copper/iron availability – copper appears in granite (shallow), iron in basalt (deep)
  • Optimized fluid geometry generation
  • Added large magma pools underground
  • Added water pools underground
  • Playing sizzle sounds near magma
  • Fire sound intensity depends on number of fires
  • Bigger, longer, more branching caves
  • Digging cracks visible underwater
  • Digging particles
  • Painting particles
  • Improved cobblestone, marble, sand, sandstone textures
  • Added copper arrows
  • Added more grave treasures
  • Creatures on fire now extinguish themselves after a short time
  • Fixed fish attacking the rider of the boat instead of the boat
  • Made animals attack anything the player is standing on if they can’t reach
  • Added ability to disable survival mechanics in Adventure
  • Added sound generator particles (notes)
  • Improved piano sound (instrument 7)
  • Added long piano sounds (instrument 8)
  • Added drum sounds (instrument 9)
  • Added single buckshot ball recipe – but shooting single buckshot balls is weak and inaccurate
  • Added new iron ladder sounds
  • Disabled ladder climbing when flying
  • Fixed multiple instances of edit dialog when G is pressed many times on Windows 8.1/10
  • Fixed AI for running away to disregard dead attackers
  • Made boat stronger
  • Made glowpoints (eyes, leds, 7-segment displays etc.) look better
  • Added more treasure types to graves
  • Bigger pumpkin destruction particle system
  • Added screenshot size setting and fixed potential screenshot corruption on Windows Store

When I published 1.28 I wanted to add a big new feature to 1.29 that would make full use of the new 32 bit blocks. This is still definitely on but has been postponed to 1.30. Just look up to see how much stuff I had to do first :-)

1.29 Release Imminent

I don’t have time to do any more videos, but I will post the full changelist soon. It has 68 items, so pretty big for an update that comes just weeks after 1.28. I must have gone into flow!


As usual, I will initially release for Google Play only. The demo will be updated first. Once it’s released, even if you have the full version, please download it and give it a go! It’s free and I don’t want to unleash what is essentially a beta onto paying users.

Especially that there are some fundamental changes that carry high risk of catastrophic bugs. I am talking about 32 bit blocks here. This is a big change that increases memory consumption of the game (by about 16MB at 128 visibility range) and reduces terrain generation performance slightly (due to more cache thrashing).

I will let you know once it’s released.

Brick Fence.png


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