Clear and obvious

Ok, enough games. Here’s the deal:


It’s not an engine, it’s not a meteorite, not a new way to milk the cows either.

<goes back to work on 1.30>

And please keep downloading Survivalcraft Day One!




More vagueness

I am sorry that I am playing with you like that. I probably shouldn’t, but I can’t make myself just say what it is. It takes weeks to code it, and just a couple of seconds to read about it. Not so easy!

So here’s another vague and tiny speck of the new feature:


This should set you on the right track.

And please remember that Survivalcraft Day One needs your help this weekend!

If you have an iPhone/iPad/iPod, please download it. It is free and you can test 1.29 features while we’re waiting for the full version.


Btw. can someone confirm whether the bugged clothing/player model is fixed in 1.29? It is on my test iPhone 6, but that’s just one device.


Survivalcraft Day One

I forgot to tell you, but in 1.29 on iOS uploading to community content is re-enabled, as is browsing of the entire content, not just the whitelisted items. Hooray!

Another thing I did not tell you is that I published two versions, not one. The new version is called Survivalcraft Day One, and is a free version of Survivalcraft that lets you play the first day and night, just like on other platforms. And Apple have just approved it:


Because this is a fresh free app, it needs all the clicks and downloads it can get. Please go to the app page. If you have an iOS device, please download it. It’s free and you can try out all the new 1.29 features while waiting for full version to be approved.

You can also start making 1.29 screenshots for the contest. One day and night should be enough to set it up. Just remember about the settings.

If you want to help further, you can also type in “Survivalcraft Day One” in the search box on app store. The more searches, the better app ranking.

The new big feature is going well so far. It’s not a meteorite, boulder or a new way of digging blocks, it’s something cooler, especially for the creative mode people. OK, no more hints.

Btw. once this is finished, I also plan to add something of interest for survival guys too, no worries!

And don’t forget about Day One, it needs your help this weekend!

Mysterious and vague

I am busy on 1.30. The big feature that was supposed to appear in 1.29 is in the works.

Because this is a large and risky one, the fact that I am working on it does not mean it will work out. I may hit a snag that prevents me from finishing it, and have to revert everything. Don’t hold your breath.

Therefore for now I am just going to post one image that is mysterious, vague and only tangentially connected with the real deal…


Anyway, it’s a lot more to go on than what you had before.


Waiting on Apple

Amazon have approved the update which fixes world uploading. I do not need to submit to Microsoft, because Windows version does not use the buggy library and so does not have the zipping problem.

We are now only waiting on Apple to approve (or reject, as they often do) 1.29.

I am still receiving heaps of screenshots. This has become more popular than I thought. But keep them coming! We need to keep this open at least until Apple version is available to give iOS guys a fighting chance.

In the meantime I declare 1.29 free of catastrophic bugs (famous last words?), and so I’ve returned to work on 1.30.


My screenshots

I could not resist taking some screenshots as well. Here’s a one I think good at the moment:

Survivalcraft 2016-01-18 22-37-12 1920x1080.jpg

And this one is cool as well:

Survivalcraft 2016-01-18 19-12-56 1920x1080.jpg

Needless to say, both setups are inspired by your screenshots!

Please keep them coming.


Uploading worlds

I’ve just published another version to Google Play: It has two changes:

  • Reduction of autosave frequency to once per minute, which should give you smoother gameplay with less lags. Making blocks 32 bit put double strain on the CPU when saving, so reducing frequency to compensate may be a good move.
  • There is a bad memory leak in the zip code in Mono (a library I am using). If you have a huge world and a low memory device, it prevents you from uploading worlds to SD card. This is because the game runs out of memory and crashes during zipping. I have fixed this by switching to native Java zipper.

I have thoroughly tested the 2nd change myself and reviewed the code many times. But as this is a fairly critical piece of the game, if you have a chance can you please upgrade and try uploading some worlds to SD card to see whether all is well? Remember the 1:100000.

And keep doing the screenshots. I already have so many I will spend weeks sifting through them! I think they are getting better with time, recently I’ve been seeing some really nice ones.

Upgrading to 1.29

I’ve had some reports of the upgrade process damaging people’s worlds.

If you have a valuable world:

  • Please back it up frequently to Dropbox or SD card, and especially before opening it for the first time in a new version of the game
  • Make sure that you have plenty of free space on device before upgrading your worlds

I’ve done all I could to make the upgrade process work smoothly. It worked fine for thousands of worlds, including hundreds that I have tested it on personally. But once in a while some unforeseen combination of bad luck may throw it off.

Even Challenger blew up, even though NASA said the chance of failure was 1:100000.

Be safe. Back up your valuable worlds.


1.29 on Windows & Amazon

Microsoft and Amazon have approved 1.29 some time earlier today. They should be available to download soon, if they are not already.

I keep receiving heaps of screenshots from you. Great job!

If I may suggest something, get some grand builds from community content or the forums, and make some screenshots with the buildings in view. I already have plenty of landscapes/sunsets etc.

iOS 1.29 is already submitted, but it may take time, as usual…


Screenshots and new camera

Thank you for sending your screenshots, I’ve already received hundreds of them!

I want to make your job easier and give you more options so I quickly added a new, fourth type of camera to the game. Fixed camera. It stays in place and allows you to move and play normally. Hope you can take some great shots with it!

Should be publishing 1.29.8 with the new camera in a few minutes. I want to also release for Amazon and Microsoft today, but we’ll see how it goes. iOS still needs a few final tweaks for 1.29, but should be coming soon as well.

Some more screenshot advice:

  • Make sure you disable UI, logo and select FullHD resolution in settings. I’ve received plenty of nice images ruined because you forgot the rules!
  • Do not edit or crop the images. Send them as they are saved by the game. If they are not 1920×1080 pixels high-quality JPGs I can’t use them.