Have a look at the video:

Noticed anything interesting apart from the new instruments?

Various tree types

A quick screenshot with various tree types in 1.29:



1.29 brings improvements underground as well. With devices becoming faster and faster, I can tweak the numbers and make the engine generate more stuff without having 90% of the users complaining about low framerates.

Here come massive magma chambers:


This chamber is huge and more than 20 blocks deep, reaching maybe all the way to the bedrock.


All in all, about 15x as much magma than in 1.28. No longer is it safe to blindly dig ahead.

2x longer caves, with wider corridors and more branchings:


New tree type

For the first time since 1.0 back in 2011, I am adding a new tree type to the game.

Meet tall spruces.

They are immense, up to 30 blocks tall (versus max 17 of the old trees).

They have bare trunks up to certain height making spooky forest atmosphere, a bit like in Blair Witch Project if you watched that.

Here’s some screenshots:




For 1.29 I wanted to increase the number of tool tiers. Another little step to make survival more rewarding.

The question was copper or bronze? I thought about it for a day.


Why? Bronze is an alloy and would require tin to smelt it with. Tin is not very useful on its own. Although I may be wrong on that – how about tin cans for preserving food, or solder? Anyway, it would look deceivingly similar to iron, which is a problem. And if we somehow decide to add tin cans, we can have bronze later on.

So copper it is. Another tier of tools, weapons, armor, everything.


The only problem remained. Copper was harder to find in the game than iron, yet it was not as strong.

I didn’t want to make copper items better than iron, that’s too unrealistic. The solution was to reverse difficulties of mining copper and iron. Hence the granite/basalt switch of copper and iron ores some of you noticed in the paint video. Good eyes and good reasoning!

Copper is now as easy to find as iron was in 1.28, iron is deep and much harder:

Iron Ore.pngCopper Ore.png

More to come!

Btw. I got my iPhone 6 and reproduced the issue that causes bad rendering of character, so this should be fixed for 1.29 too.

Btw2. Yes, it was copper axe in the last post. And horizontal logs, which are also generated in deep forests.



Cabins and more

Here’s some more stuff you will get in 1.29. Look at the screenshot below.

There are two new features there. One very obvious and one less obvious. Don’t count the new cobblestone texture, this was mentioned before.


Any guesses?

Btw. I added this a good week ago, long before I saw the screenshots you posted in comments to the last post. Nice coincidence!

Cute Notes

Have a look at this:

Btw. the bug where sharks will attack you even if you are inside a boat is fixed for 1.29. Moreover, animals will attack anything you stand on if they can’t reach you. So if you’re mad, jump on a rhino and watch wolves get owned as they bite it and get ripped to shreds :-)

Of course the rhino will make a pancake of you after all the wolves are dead, but maybe you can somehow get away with it…

It’s a way to get animals which normally would not attack each other to do so.

Disable survival mechanics in Adventure

In 1.29 you will be able to disable survival mechanics in adventure maps. This means no hunger, stamina (panting), temperature and sleep deprivation.

It has been long requested, especially hunger and temperature are annoying and unnecessary on some maps.



32bit Painting

Tomorrow I am getting an iPhone 6 for testing the iOS clothing bug. I can’t release 1.29 without fixing it, and it only seems to be happening on 64 bit Apple CPUs.

According to my changelist I have added 45 new features to 1.29 as of today. Man, I am tired :-)

Paint Bucket.png

Check out the new video showing a few of them:

Happy New Year!

Thank you for all the fireworks videos and worlds you sent. There were so many I could not use a tenth of them! Tough choices, but see how 2016 is celebrated in Survivalcraft.

I will post about 1.29 next year :-)



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