Cosy and warm

Here’s one more addition to 1.27:


Carpets make for cosy and nice interiors. And I made the walking sound properly soft and subdued.

Beware though, rain will ruin the carpet if it’s ever allowed to fall on it! Keep them indoors.

Proper Water Transparency

One thing that the new engine allows me to do is to use shaders.

Finally, after over 3 years of pain and trying to emulate what I wanted to do with XNA pipeline, I have proper shaders. It’s like a breath of fresh air. For example I could remove all the dirty hacks I used to make clothes render properly.

More importantly we now have proper water transparency. See for yourselves:

New indicators

In 1.26 there is only health indicator, the hearts. In 1.27 there will be three: health, hunger and outside temperature. Have a look:


The temperature indicator shows environment temperature, not body heat like in the vital stats panel.

When it’s all blue, it means the temperature is optimal. When it turns dark, it means it’s too cold. When it turns orange, it’s too hot.

If you are properly clothed, with long johns, socks, sweaters etc., you can function in almost all temperatures. Only the most extreme cold, when the indicator is all dark might make you shiver a little. Unless you get wet. Being wet pretty much nullifies all clothing until you get it dry. In 1.27 you can stand close to a campfire to do so.

Look closely

I am sure you’ll find something you’ll like in this screenshot:



Thunder and lightning in 1.26 is a bit tame. I made it a bit more entertaining for 1.27, watch here:

It was a shame to waste the great explosions system we have in Survivalcraft.

Clothes galore

Here’s what I was talking about in the last post. Eleven pages of clothes to choose from, that is more than 300 items. Of course, most of these are just color variations, but still I think Dolce & Gabbana should hire me :-)

I couldn’t do that in 1.26 because it would overwhelm the creative inventory.


In 1.26 you had to dye your clothes even in creative mode. No longer so.

I noticed that some of you misunderstand how dyeing process works in the game. By dyeing you are combining the current color of the clothing with the color of the dye. Dyeing only makes things darker, it can never brighten them up. For example, if you dye a white shirt red, you get a red shirt. If you dye a green shirt red, you get some sort of dark-brown-grey hue. The same goes for leather – only there you start from brown, not white. Just like in real life.

Of course you can dye your clothes as many times as you want, combining various colors. Every new dye will make the color darker and closer to black.

If you haven’t found out through Recipaedia yet, to dye clothing you need to “cook” it in a bucket of dye – that means using the furnace. In 1.27 you won’t need to worry about it in Creative.


New creative inventory

My 1.27 todo list is very short these days, just two must-do items before I can release.

I keep adding new stuff though. There is a large backlog of things already added that I must still show you, but by the time I get to that I will have added another bunch of things, so it never really ends :-)

The one for today is the new creative inventory. This has been proposed countless times, and finally I found time to do it:


No way to fit enough tab-style buttons like in desktop Minecraft, so we are using left-right buttons to navigate the categories instead. This should greatly simplify life of creative mode lovers. But that’s not all, the final page is User page:


You can put anything you want in there, basically creating a custom frequently used set of items. Moreover, this is the same set of items that will be displayed as inventory when you access chests/crafting tables/furnaces. Hence 16 items only.

This may seem like an usability improvement only, but because of it I was finally able to do something I always wanted to do since I released 1.26. But for that you’ll have to wait for the next post.

New animal

As usual, there is a new animal coming with the new version. This time it’s this, and it lives in cold biomes:


Should be fairly obvious what is the name of this guy :-)

Normally slow and docile, but is powerful and can turn nasty if annoyed.

A wolf in a labirynth

Here’s a short video for you, showing how good the pathfinding is in 1.27, plus one more surprise thing :-)

Still more new features to come.

More clothes

Clothes system in 1.26 is very powerful, but I did not have much time before Christmas to fully exploit it. So in 1.27 I am doing just that and adding more clothes:

Long johns



Cavalry boots

These are mostly designed to help player stay warm. You can wear long johns under pants, sweater over shirts, socks inside boots.

And cavalry boots make your horse run faster :-)


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