Daily Archives: February 18, 2022

2.3 Bugfixes contd.

I will very soon release a bugfix update for the 2.3 release. Here’s the list of changes:

  • Fixed broken uploading/downloading of 2.3 worlds
  • Crouching deaths in low spaces fixed, general crouching improvements
  • Reduced Sparrows spawn rate
  • Different, more varied new world names
  • Fixed glitches and improved wooden ladder
  • Fixed depth clipping when crouching near a wall
  • Hammer makes appropriate material sound when used to make furniture
  • Reduced chance of spawning of many creatures of the same type
  • Reduced number of pickables created by explosions
  • Fixed cairn collision box

The version numbers of the update will be (Google Play), (Apple), (Amazon) and (Windows Store).

We will need to wait for the stores to approve the update – hopefully only about a day. It used to be over a week back in 2013…

Some of you have been complaining that motion sensors detecting movement of projectiles, pickables and moving blocks (a new feature in 2.3) broke their builds, because they were using pistons to block off visibility of sensors. As pistons are moving blocks, they trigger motion sensors in 2.3 – so the blocking no longer works.

Motion sensor

I think this is unfortunate, but the fact the sensor detects more movement is good. What I would do, is to move away from mechanical blocking of sensors, and use the electronic way instead. Like that: