Daily Archives: February 14, 2022


Here’s a new video for you, shot high in the coastal mountains!

More Birds

You’ve noticed it right away. Flat blocks in 2.3 are rendered in extruded 3D style instead of flat. This only happens while the block is held in hand – pickables and projectiles in the world still display as billboarded particles. It looks better that way, I experimented with it. The code to extrude textures into 3D models was written by my son MikoĊ‚aj.

Some more new stuff: 2.3 will include two new bird species. A sparrow and a pigeon. I have long thought that it is too easy to feed yourself hunting birds or eating their eggs. To make it more difficult, these two new bird species are not edible, and they are quite common, competing with the edible species. They still lay eggs, but their eggs are small (pigeon) and tiny (sparrow), and do not provide as much nutritional value as duck, raven or seagull eggs.

As a result, survival is harder. But you get the new default Survival mode instead. I think I told you about it already in one of the previous posts?

Sparrow is so tiny it can easily be killed with a rock, you don’t even need a spear. But why would you do that, it’s so cute!

All bird models have been updated to make them slightly more detailed and smoother to better match other animals:

I am almost ready to release, just a few more things.