Daily Archives: February 12, 2022

2.3 is coming out soon

The release is imminent. I have been busy working on other projects in the past months, but there’s a lot of changes in 2.3 ready to be released.

I have long wanted to make mining with explosives more viable than it used to be in 2.2 and before. The problem with explosives was that they were too expensive to make. It took a lot of gunpowder, which in turn depended on rare sulphur, and even more rare saltpeter. More importantly, explosions had a large chance of destroying the minerals instead of letting you pick them up after the blast. This is changing in 2.3.

And electric detonator has a new looks too:

The restriction of using certain tools to mine certain minerals has been removed. Now, explosion is just as good as a diamond pickaxe. Minerals pickables are not destroyed by explosions any more – they might fly all around the place, but they will not disappear. Plus, natural rocks have been made less resilient to explosives. And powder kegs are more powerful. All in all, I think blasting will be the best way to mine quickly.

Here’s a little video for you showing the process:


If you watch carefully you might notice some other new things coming in 2.3…