Monthly Archives: June 2020

SC Editor

Hi Everyone. One of the members of the community has been busy working on a world editor for Survivalcraft. It’s called SCEditor and there’s a beta version available for download here:

I haven’t had much time to test it myself, but it seems to be functional and looks like it has full editing capabilities, down to the smallest details like block data values or obscure world options. Kudos to the creator. It even allows you to load worlds directly from Survivalcraft data folder. It’s still a beta though, so things may not always work as expected. Give it a try!

I have been temporarily sidetracked from working on the 2.3 update by a new project that came along this spring. This project is another multiplayer strategy game, using similar network protocol as Ruthless Conquest does, but more complex and advanced in every way. I want to get it finished before I get back to Survivalcraft. That hopefully shouldn’t take too long. So far I spent about a month doing base tech and another month on the game itself. It seems that the Coronavirus lockdown is very conductive to hard work :-)