Daily Archives: February 10, 2020

New game mode

I have read your comments about the game difficulty. To fix it, there’s a new game mode coming in 2.3. It’s simply called “Survival” and will become the default game mode. “Harmless” is the easier variant of it. “Challenging” (the current default) is the more difficult.

Here’s what will be easier in “Survival” mode, compared to “Challenging”:

  • Player will be significantly less susceptible to cold
  • Player will be more resilient to injury (25%)
  • Player will be able to place blocks when in the air
  • Dangerous animals will spawn less frequently
  • Player will get one cooked fish on game start

Please let me know in the comments if you think something else needs to be made easier for this new default game mode. Keep in mind that there’s still “Harmless” below it, and it gets all these benefits too, on top of what it already has.

Challenging mode difficulty stays unchanged. There’s also a new UI for game mode selection. The old way with a button that changes mode on every click is now too confusing, with so many game modes.