Daily Archives: January 8, 2020

Full height elevator

Thank you everyone for sending in your designs.

And to think, I wasn’t even sure building the tall elevator was possible! Now I know. Of course it is. In general, there seem to be two ways to make it:

  1. Replacing pistons under the lift carriage to keep moving beyond the 8 blocks piston limit
  2. Self-propelling carriage, with one pushing and one pulling piston, sequentially pushing and pulling themselves in one direction

Here are the links to the builds made by Sergey Starostin, Stanimus and BigBushy101, all 1st variant elevators:

I’ve made a video of the one built by Stanimus. It is fully open, so you can see better how it works:

I am still working on 2.3. Nothing to show at the moment, but I want it to be a quick update. There are still some bugs in 2.2 caused by doubling of the height, and they should be fixed sooner rather than later.