Daily Archives: January 4, 2020

Full height elevator challenge

Now that the terrain is 256 blocks high, the obvious question is: can we make an elevator that goes from ground level (~64) all the way up to the highest mountain (~250)?

If you’ve ever built an elevator in Survivalcraft and understand how it works, you will know that the plain vanilla one will only reach 9 * 8 = 72 blocks high. This is because each piston extends by a maximum of 8 blocks and can push a maximum of 8 more pistons. Plus 8 blocks from the stationary bottom piston, gives 72.


Can a better elevator be built?

I would also like to add a restriction: no pushing of player sideways. That would be cheating :-) The elevator must ride up purely vertically, without moving player to the side. It can stop for a while though, to reconfigure its inner workings, if needed. It should also be able to come back down.

If you manage to build one, post the link to the world in comments. Having seen the 3d printer world and some others, I have high hopes. But I don’t know whether such elevator is even possible?