Daily Archives: January 1, 2020

iOS bug

I’ve had some people report that when they launch the latest Apple update (, the game briefly displays black screen and then crashes. worked for them.

This is odd, only contains fixes for features that are used later during the game, not while it’s starting up, so it’s unlikely that I accidentally broke something in that department. I’ve been trying to reproduce it, but with no luck – it all works here.

Can you please comment below if the iOS crashes on startup for you?

I’m publishing a quick update, which may let me diagnose the problem better, but due to the review process it will take some time before it hits AppStore.

Happy new year

It’s been a good decade for Survivalcraft. 2011-2020, so far.

Once you celebrate New Year, open the game in creative mode and click the time of day button until it’s night.

Happy New Year everyone!