Daily Archives: December 19, 2019

Corrupt worlds

There is another issue with the 2.2 update that is fairly serious. It’s to do with the world conversion process that rebuilds the world chunks in the new, 256 blocks high format.

If the conversion process fails for any reason, most commonly because there is not enough space on your device for the converted world data, the world might be left in a partially-converted state. This will likely cause some of the chunks go missing.

The space required for the conversion process is roughly double the amount of the world size in 2.1 format. So if your 2.1 world is 500MB, you will need 1000MB of space (plus some safety margin) to open it successfully in 2.2.

I have stopped working on the light problem and I am currently tackling this more pressing issue. In the meantime please be double careful when loading large 2.1 worlds. Make sure there’s enough of space on your device and keep backups (always a good idea with precious worlds).

The first sign of the problem is when the game hangs/crashes during the conversion process, or displays “Error loading world” message.

Again, the fault here is all mine. I didn’t make the conversion routine robust enough. Sorry!