Daily Archives: December 17, 2019

2.2 is go

All platforms should now have the 2.2 update. There was a slight hiccup with Amazon, but this should now be resolved.

I am aware of the lighting bug you mentioned. Indeed, the lighting calculation in 2.2 is partially broken. It’s my fault. When increasing terrain height I optimized it a little too aggresively, and in some cases the lighting value result is wrong. Most notably, when you dig a 1×1 vertical shaft down, cover it and place a torch inside, the torch may not emit any light (depending on what is under the shaft). Also, the long sleep time seems to be an issue, but I haven’t investigated it yet. I am working on the fixes.

In fact I am happy it’s my fault. Most of the past problems with the game stemmed from bugs in the operating system and its libraries. Buggy shader compilers, buggy audio implementations, buggy network stacks, etc. One cannot fix these bugs, only work around them, and this is tedious, time consuming and unsatisfying. I still remember how angry I was when I discovered that a bug in Android limits the total number of AudioTracks created during the lifetime of application to 1024. How could they have missed something so ridiculous and so common? They finally fixed it in KitKat.

With the lighting bug, the blame is squarely on my shoulders.