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Thank you for a great suggestion about rotten food. You know who you are :-)

In 2.2, rotting food is not useless. After a while, it will turn into:



Compost is another name for fertilized soil. You can place it and quickly grow rye or cotton, instead of having to waste precious saltpetre. Saltpetre is better used for gunpowder :-)

New Lighting Model

Thank you for all the world suggestions you sent me, both in comments and via email. I will be refreshing the pre-moderated list in the community content soon. Please keep the names coming.

And here’s another 2.2 video for you:

The “trick” I mention in the video allowed the game to run reasonably fast in 2011 on 1st gen Windows Phone 7 devices (btw. does anyone here still remember those glory days?)

As you can imagine, these ancient phones had very slow, single core CPUs. On top of that, the WP7 .NET jitter was producing very poorly optimized code. I had to use every trick in the book to make the game not pause for 3 seconds every time you changed a block in the world :-)

One of them, the lighting “trick”, is long obsolete. Today’s phones are as fast, if not faster, than the PC I originally developed the game on in 2011. Hence the new lighting code.

I expected the slowdown to be much bigger than the 5%, because there is a lot more calculation involved. But here we are – probably the code is bottlenecked on memory access anyway (it’s scanning the huge array of blocks), so extra ALU operations make little difference.

To clarify: the 5% does not affect frames per second. The calculation only happens when you change some blocks in the world, not continuously. The little invisible hiccups that happen when you dig a block will now be 5% bigger.