Daily Archives: December 8, 2019


In the upcoming 2.2 update I am planning to make the game more realistic and more difficult in survival modes. So far I’ve told you about the tools/weapons system overhaul. By the way, I am reading you comments: stone arrows and stone spears will not be removed:

Stone Tip Arrow-1Stone Spear-0<– Yay: back from the dead!

The new change I want to talk about is potentially big: in Challenging/Cruel/Adventure modes you won’t be able to place blocks unless standing on something.

No more jumping up and quickly placing blocks below you to build a tower and escape all danger. And to build something tall, you will have to either construct ramps or use ladders/scaffolding. Challenging. Cool!

Again, this is only for harder survival modes. Creative and Harmless will work the same as before.

This is a significant change. It has potential to make the survival aspect of the game more interesting. It will be harder to build shelter and harder to escape predators.

I need your input on the details:

  • Do you think placing blocks while swimming should be possible?
  • Do you think placing blocks while riding (a horse or a boat etc.) should be possible?
  • Do you think placing blocks while standing on another creature should be possible?
  • Can you see any unforeseen, big problems with this whole idea?

Thanks for your thoughts!