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Check out the new video:

I can’t wait to see what you are going to build now.

Yes, the visual glitches when placing too much furniture (or other geometry-heavy blocks) around one place is fixed. In fact there’s still a limit, but it is much less drastic: in 2.1, each chunk of 16x16x128 blocks could not exceed ~21000 triangles. In 2.2, only each 16x16x16 cubic area of the world has this limitation. It is unlikely you will hit the new limit unless you really go over the top. And you will be able to make proper skyscrapers now – spreading stuff vertically works.

In 2.1 and before, in a sense, these glitches served a purpose: they were a “soft” way of forcing you into limiting the amount of geometry, so that the phones could deal with it. That’s why I left them in for so long.

Now, with the new terrain generation in, the system is much better and we don’t need the low limit anymore.

Of course, if you go crazy and fill every single 16x16x16 area with 21000 triangles… At 256 visibility range, this equates to 344 million triangles. It would bring even the beefiest of PCs, with dual Geforce 2080’s to its knees. Plus, you would need at least 32 GB of RAM to even store all this geometry.