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Inventory contd.

I’ve seen your comments. So here’s how I’m going to do it:

Survival modes get 7 slots, no matter how big your screen. This is still better than 6 slots in 2.1. And we can always extend it further in a future update.

Creative mode will get up to 10 slots, if your screen can accomodate it. I’ve tried 12, but more than 10 don’t really fit, even on a PC, without making things too small. So 10 it will stay for now.

The next thing I will show you has something to do with terrain, and you will like it :-)

There’s 8 items left on my todo list before 2.2 release. But I keep adding to it as I go along. Feature creep. Must resist.


One more thing. I found a better way of dealing with items in “hidden” slots. Just drop them at the player’s feet, and let other slots pick them up if there is space. No need for cryptic messages. Much nicer.

Inventory slots

It took you about three minutes to spot the unmentioned new feature in the last video. Yes, it was the 7 inventory slots:

I managed to squeeze in the extra slot by moving touchpads further aside and reducing UI scaling a little (about 5% – all the controls will get smaller by this much). But I think it is a price worth paying. Phones are getting bigger and no one is still playing Survivalcraft on a 3.5″ phone. Does such thing even exist any more? In 2011 when Survivalcraft was first released, 3.5″ was mainstream and 4″ was considered huge :-)

But it gets better than that. Why limit ourselves to 7 slots? How about 10:

I always wanted to give you more slots. It makes playing smoother, especially in creative. The insurmountable problem was interoperability between devices with different screen sizes. I know that on a PC you can display 10 slots, and still have tons of space left. But what if someone on a small phone imported a world created on a PC? Where would the extra items go?

For 2.2 I finally figured it out: it doesn’t matter that the extra items will be invisible for someone with a small screen! At least, it doesn’t matter when compared to the grand benefit of having more slots.

Yes, the extra items will be invisible. But you can always make them temporarily visible again by reducing UI scale to “Smallest” (this will always show full 10 slots). You can then move them to other slots and return to your favourite UI scale. How would you know the hidden items are even there? Because there is a warning displayed.

By the way, the hidden slots are “disabled”. They will not pick up items or otherwise get used.

So in 2.2, the number of slots is dynamic. It depends on the size of your screen and on UI scale:

10 slots on a widescreen phone, tablet or a PC

This happens when you import this world on a phone:

7 slots – the minimum number for all devices

You get less slots, and there is a warning displayed: there is something in the hidden slots. I know it’s a little cryptic – but this situation won’t happen all that often. It is a corner case.

One option I am still considering is whether to only show 10 slots in Creative mode. Survival modes would be limited to 7. The only reason for that is to make the game a little harder – 3 extra slots might hold an extra weapon or a tool that will save your life.

Let me know what you think. We need to make the decision before 2.2 is released. Once it’s out – there will be no way back.