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Tools/weapons overhaul

You must admit, wooden and stone tools are not very realistic:

Machete made of wood? Shovel with a wooden or stone blade? Rake with stone teeth? All the ludicrous tools and weapons pictured above are banished from the game in 2.2.

What replaces them is much simpler and much more realistic:

The stone axe

The early, universal tool. Jack of all trades. Equally good for digging, hacking, quarrying. But not very good. Better than bare hands, though. If you try to craft any of the original stone tools, this is what you will get instead. The crafting recipes are unchanged, so that the new users do not get too confused.

The wooden club

The simplest, easiest to make weapon. Better than wielding a stick. If you try to craft a wooden machete, this is what you will get.


The stone club

You’ve seen that one before. Slightly more advanced than the wooden club, it causes more damage, but requires stone. If you try to craft a stone machete, this is what you will get.

Stone tip arrow and stone spear are gone. But note that the wooden rake, wooden spear and wooden arrow are still there, because they are reasonably realistic:

And of course all the metal tool and weapon tiers are unchanged. This is what you want to possess. They are much better than the stone axe or the clubs.

I think this change not just increases realism. It makes the game more fun by increasing importance  of metal. Without metal, you remain essentially a glorified caveman.

Hope you will like it.

Here’s another little goodie or two coming in 2.2, check it out: