Monthly Archives: November 2019


Hello Everyone!

As you all know, I have been working on the new update. Traditionally, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that the update will happen, and very soon! High time, too.

The bad news is that of the three huge new features I planned, only one is completed. And it’s not the one I hinted about in one of the last posts. So, all your guesses made over that little piece of image I posted back then, they will have to wait. What I can tell you already, some of you have guessed correctly! You guys should be working for the police, homicide department. A few tangentially related black and white pixels, and you nail it. Startling.

Anyway, it’s not all bad about the update, because apart from the big feature, there will be dozens of little goodies coming as well. And the big one will make a sizable difference for survival and for creative players.

Here’s one of the little goodies coming in 2.2:

Wait, what’s that in his hand? Yep, it’s a club spiked with rocks, bleeding edge technology from the ice age:

In brief, in 2.2 there will be a tools and weapons system overhaul, to make Survivalcraft more realistic. I’ll let you know more about it and the other stuff later.

By the way, Ruthless Conquest got published on Steam. I am sounding waters there, just in case I wanted to release Survivalcraft, because I have never published anything on Steam so far. If you have a Steam account, grab your free copy from there.

In fact, Ruthless Conquest has become quite popular, there’s thousands of active copies across all the platforms, and usually 10-20 multiplayer games in progress that can be joined. Far cry from the 2018.