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Ruthless Conquest on Amazon

Amazon have approved Ruthless Conquest:

If you have an Amazon device, give it a go.

From the server logs I see some 1500 internet games have been played since the release. You have definitely improved your tactics – it’s very difficult to win against you now, unlike yesterday ;-)

There’s a little bug with the game at the moment – occasionally when the game starts, the planet generation fails and some of the players are not given a planet to start on. This causes them to immediately lose.

More importantly, I see the main mistake I made with Ruthless Conquest multiplayer: it’s very difficult to find a game to connect to. Because you can only connect during the short time between game creation and game start, the list of the games is almost always empty.

What I should have done is to support joining in the middle of the game and connecting to existing games as a spectator.


Here’s a video for you showing Ruthless Conquest:

If you have a Windows computer, you can download an installer for the game and play it on the big screen:

Ruthless Conquest Windows Installer

Have fun and Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone!

Long time no see!

I have two pieces of news for you. One is bad, the other one is good. I’ll start with the bad one.

The next update for Survivalcraft 2 won’t make it for Christmas. I have been working on it for the last year or so. The major new feature that I am adding is large, and it should expand the survival mode in a big way. Creative mode would also benefit nicely. Unfortunately, I got stuck on some difficult aspects of it, and never found the drive to finish it.

I can’t give you any concrete date, or even reveal the new feature yet, because I don’t promise anything that I am not 100% certain will be delivered. This new feature is so wide that it can still get bogged down in unfixable issues. Here’s just one hint to get you started on guessing:

Now the good news.

While you are waiting for the next update, I have a new Christmas gift for you. Do you still remember Bugs? Well, there’s a new game coming out this Christmas. Just like Bugs, it will be completely free and without ads or nag screens. Moreover, it has multiplayer. And not just any multiplayer, but internet multiplayer with internet servers, so anyone can play with everyone else. It’s called:

I’ve just released it on Google Play. Download 100% free here:

Other platforms will follow. It is a Christmas gift from me to Survivalcraft community.

Long time ago I used to work forĀ a games company as a network programmer. Unbelievably, a few months ago I got myself hooked on game networking again. The result is this new little game where you can control ships like that:

I won’t reveal many details, you’ll have to check it out for yourselves. It cannot be all bad, because it has Antarans in it :-) Yes, I borrowed the name from one of my favourite games of old.

Yay, play on the internet!

Internet multiplayer is a new ground for me, I have never released a game where I need to maintain servers, so that you can keep playing. I am sure a lot of things will go wrong. I spent long hours testing it with plenty of kids (we have visitors for Christmas), but how it will behave when many players from across the world start connecting? I cannot predict.

Have fun!