Daily Archives: July 1, 2017

Amazon submitted

Will let you know once it’s approved.

This leaves iOS. I usually leave it for last because it’s the most complicated submission, and the most risky. Need to fire up the iPad and do some last-minute testing.

Windows Store ready

You’ve probably noticed already, but Windows Store version is up and ready for downloading/update.

Have fun!

In the meantime, some people have complained that their 3rd party gamepads do not work with the Windows Store version. Yes, Microsoft only allows XInput gamepads (i.e. XBox gamepads) in Windows Store 8.1 apps. Most older PC gamepads use DirectInput standard, and are not recognized as XInput devices.

If you have one of those, fortunately there is a solution. Try a program called InputMapper 2. It’s free, but you must register to download it. The user interface is very clunky and it took me a full hour to set it up, but eventually I got my DirectInput controller working in Survivalcraft. So it’s definitely possible.

A second, and probably better solution is to just get an used Xbox 360 gamepad. They are very good quality (in my experience miles better than any 3rd party controllers) and come for ~$10 on eBay these days.

Btw. this is how InputMapper2 looks like with the 3 plugins required to make a generic DirectInput gamepad work with Survivalcraft:


There are also specific plugins for Playstation 3 and 4 controllers, and many more.