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All platforms

You may have noticed, a couple of days ago I submitted 2.1.14 to Google Play. The only difference from 2.1.13 is a fix for water flow direction bug introduced in one of the previous updates (water animation was flowing uphill).

Yesterday I also published the same build to all other platforms, to bring everyone up to date. The latest versions are:

  • Google Play: 2.1.14 (in store)
  • Amazon: 2.1.41 (in store)
  • Windows 8.1/10: 2.1.23 (in store)
  • Windows Phone 8.1/10: 2.1.33 (in store)
  • iOS AppStore: 2.1.52 (still in certification)

These are all the same builds with the same feature set, so once they hit the stores, no one should be at a disadvantage.

Unless something catastrophic is discovered, I now want to focus on working on the next feature update: 2.2.



Resource density tweaks & more

I’ve seen you complaining that there isn’t enough copper and iron in the world. Spent some time today reviewing this, and indeed I think you’re right! So, I made the resources more abundant. Plus some other changes, see below.

I’ve just published 2.1.13 to Google Play. Here’s the list of changes:

  • Tweaked cave generation algorithm to make the caves go deeper on average (it’s easier to find certain minerals deeper)
  • Increased amount of iron, copper, coal and diamond ores
  • Increased armour durability (especially stick armour – don’t overlook it, it’s very cheap to make even on day 1, and more than doubles your resilience to attacks)
  • Made boat stronger and reduced chance of fish being able to attack you on the boat (instead of attacking the boat)
  • Fixed player digging blocks behind animals when trying to hit them but missing, in creative mode
  • Increased digging time of all stone types by hand by about 25% (more incentive to make tools)



2.1.12 released to Google Play

This fixes the terrain generation issue mentioned in the previous post.

Terrain from 2.0 has cold/hot patches after opening in 2.1

Many people reported this, and indeed there is a bug with the generator. It should use old temperature/humidity calculation if a world was created before 2.1. But it does not – it uses the new one. As a result old worlds are a garbled mix of old and new temperature/humidity. This is now fixed and I should be releasing it soon.

If you still keep a backup of your <2.1 world, opening it in the upcoming bugfix release should work all fine. If you “baked” the errors by making modifications to the affected chunks, these chunks (and only these) will unfortunately stay garbled. There’s no easy solution to that.

2.1.11 released


  • Fixed a bug with furniture sometimes disappearing when moved by a piston
  • Spawner eggs will not rot (non-nutritious eggs only)

Should be with you in a couple of hours.

Furniture + pistons bug

Thanks to everyone who reported the problem with furniture occasionally disappearing when pushed by a piston. The worlds you sent me allowed me to figure out the problem quickly.

It’s already fixed and to be released soon to Google Play as 2.1.11.

One thing to watch for is the existing worlds that had this problem may still keep exhibiting it until all affected furniture is replaced.

What was happening: furniture design garbage collector was not looking at moving blocks, and it was possible for it to mark a furniture design as unused when it was only present as a moving block. Then, when the piston stopped, moving block turned into terrain block and chaos ensued as the design was gone. This wasn’t happening very often as collector does not run too frequently, plus your furniture must have been only present as moving blocks (not in inventory or in terrain).

2.1.10 going out to Google Play

2.1.10 is the next bugfix update in the 2.1 series:

  • Fixed piston bug introduced in 2.1.9
  • Food rot disabled in Adventure Mode

You should get it in a few hours.

Pistons broken in 2.1.9

Thanks for reporting the pistons bug!

Indeed, 2.1.9 broke pistons (and potentially some other things), because of my carelessness. That’s why I love to release to Google Play first!

The fix is already in and I will be releasing it soon.

2.1.9 released to Google Play

Here comes another release in the 2.1 series. It contains a fairly beefy set of fixes and tweaks I’ve been working on in the last two weeks.

As you will doubtlessly be happy to notice, I made the game a little bit easier by nerfing flu and reducing injuries taken from hunger, cold and heat.

There’s also a large number of optimizations, tweaks and bugfixes to do with texture orientation, furniture, horses, UI etc.

Additionally, left and right gamepad triggers were swapped to match Minecraft gamepad controls.

Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Added xxhdpi android icons to make icon sharper on hi-dpi devices
  • Fixed a bug with dialogs not preventing user from clicking elsewhere
  • Reversed left/right trigger functions
  • Fixed freshening of pumpkins by placing them on hard surface
  • Increased time to get flu
  • Coughing does not close inventory
  • Reduced injuries caused by hunger, cold and heat
  • Fixed texture orientation on stairs and slabs
  • Fixed texture orientation on furniture
  • Optimized away furniture/stairs/slabs/fences/ladders/trapdoors/pressure plates faces touching non-transparent blocks
  • Fixed texture orientation on upside down stairs
  • Optimized furniture drawing by removing faces obscured by nearby blocks. This should also reduce z-buffer artifacts.
  • Fixed problem with importing large furniture sets (only part of the set would be imported)
  • Optimized furniture collision box creation, 4x speedup (this was causing long hiccups when walking in furniture-packed worlds)
  • Added “World Created In Version” information in game menu dialog
  • Furniture is instantly deleted (if not used in the world) after deleting a furniture set instead of waiting for the next furniture garbage collection to kick in
  • Saddled animals no longer herd (this was causing horses running back to the herd once player dismounted)
  • Made pressure plates cover entire block. This allows drawing optimization (geometry below pressure plate is removed) and reduces z-buffer artifacts when moving far away from pressure plates

This latest build is currently only released to Google Play. Because this build makes a lot of changes, I want to let you test it for a few days before publishing to Amazon, Windows and iOS.

Have fun!



iOS out!

Yay! Apple approved the 2.1 update. It’s already in the store (version


Because the update process took so long, in the meantime I discovered some problems with the 2.1.50 build. I will be submitting the next bugfix update soon.

One of the issues in 2.1.50 is that the screenshot functionality is broken. This is due to change of policy by Apple: app developers now need to declare access to media library. Previously it wasn’t necessary, so I missed that requirement. As it stands, when Survivalcraft makes a request to save the screenshot, iOS helpfully kills it :-(

I will also be reversing gamepad triggers function (left/right), to stay compatible with Minecraft Xbox & Minecraft for Windows 10. This will come for all platforms.