2.1.1 submitted to Google Play

First quick fix update submitted.

2.1.0 has a bug which prevents you from loading certain old worlds. The error message is “Required database object not found”. This is fixed in 2.1.1, which should be with you in a couple of hours.

Please keep testing!


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    Thanks, needed that

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    when is the windows one coming out?

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    Cant load my cruel world from 2.0. Database object missing. How do I report the error?

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      .ignore me…I thought I was posting to the previous thread until after I hit post. Hand to forehead?

  5. colbyfranknorth
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    I’ve seen bug where tall spruce trees have dirt replacing the bottom part.

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    Awesome. Encountered that bug while downloading a world in the Community Center. Also, I don’t know if it’s a bug, but when looking at the Bestiary, under coyotes, it states that at the full moon, they change into werewolves, even through they’re not wolves (I’m not aware of coyotes changing into werewolves)?

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    Will Windows 10 support game controllers? Thinking of purchasing this one ttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B015WKY3IM/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I4SLD5WLXPUOM&colid=27XDW3B511G48 (add an “h” at the beginning)

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    New problem, even old world food that is collected after the update always comes spoiled.

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    Yeah my old world had me knocked out and made all my food rotten. Thank goodness I had my food generators(birds) right there, and I was safe in my house.
    I have so many many questions in this new world, but the biggest joy is the boat is shark proof … for now …

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      Yikes. So that means that if any old Survival/Cruel/Adventure world gets updated to 2.1, that all the food attained will be spoiled?

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        You wouldn’t want anybody to “cheat” now, would you?

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      Wait a sec, weren’t you the guy who complained how much was expensive to craft pistons?

      Good news for ya: while the recipe is still the same, now you get 5 Pistons instead of 1.

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        Wow 10% off… Still the most expensive thing, also you have to account that you can only mine for about 3 to 5 days before your food spoils and you HAVE to resurface or die.
        So technically the “price” was only slightly reduced for the amount of effort put into gathering 45 germanium.
        The germanium per piston is good, but now less useful to me because a boat is safe to cross water again for now.
        45 diamonds I can make compass (not that useful) diamond boots(3), pants(4), 2 swords (6), spear(3), diamond tip a bunch of arrows/bolts(24)… and still have enough left over for a decorative diamond block in my house just to show off how much of a rich ****** I am!

  10. g0reblast
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    It seems that anymore than 6 of the same food (in my case pumpkins) makes you ill.

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      I think he meant for that to happen. Check the update list. It’s says something like “• Cannot eat the same food.”

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      Remember that saying? To eat everything in moderation lol?

      • g0reblast
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        Yeah I knew that was in the update. Just letting you know how many I had to eat to start puking! Lol!

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          Grisly haha. Are the animations cool when the character vomits?

    • Stanimus
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      Yes, that it much too severe! We should be able to eat one food for a month before getting bad results. (SC months are only 16 days!)

  11. doctor hyena
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    Please release it to ios

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      Could come very soon! 2.0 was expected to be available after a week, but it was only a day!

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        You mean 2.1

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          No, 2.0. By the way, 2.0 was released on iOS after Google Play. Also, it’s so cool that you replied only two minutes after my post!

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    I can not tell you how happy I am right now 😂. I wake up this morning to see that it’s released and that a bug is fixed already. Yeah!!!!!!

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    Ok, I just read the full list of changes. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    *Cannot throw more than once per 1.5 seconds…
    Why? Rocks already do almost no damage, why make them even worse?

    *Reduced minerals frequency
    So you’ve taken something extremely rare and made it even MORE rare? Awesome!

    *Increased attack resilience of most creatures
    Yep. Exactly what we needed, even longer fight times to ake death even more likely.

    *Tweaked creature spawn rates to have even more dangerous animals.
    What? Why would you even consider this? The 100 or so dangerous animals (including multiple 20+ member wolf packs) and almost *no* harmless animals within 100 blocks of my base say this was not necessary.
    Dangerous animals are already far too common – in reality predators are *FAR* outnumbered by the prey. Combined with losing our food, this will make survival almost impossible.

    *Cannot eat the same food all the time.
    I cannot even begin to say how STUPID this is.

    *Increased lightning rate and made it more random.
    You need to reduce the frequency of lightning. *REDUCE* (That means make it happen *less* often)

    *Running backwards made slower
    Yep. Moar deader is moar funner. Come on, it’s already hard enough to fight predators as it is.

    And notice all the things *not* in the update: no way to preserve food, no rain-protective clothing, no improvements to weapons or armour. Not even any toggles to turn off the worst of the bs.

    The only actual *improvement* to the game are larger biomes, new terrain generation (with rivers and idlands, finally), and multi-colour LEDs (not that you’ll ever be able to make them with minerals now nearly non-existant), and improved campfires.

    Congratulations! You have killed the game!

    At least we finally have a definitive answer to the MineCraft vs Survivalcraft question. MineCraft has won the title with absolutely no chance of SC ever competing again.

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      Lol too hard for you Minecraft little kids?

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        Together the issues are a bit troublesome, but it doesn’t make the game unplayable or not salvageable. A lot of the changes are realistic… even if they make the game harder. I think adjusting the balance of the prey to predator is necessary. Otherwise, a lot of things could be staved off by making the day marginally longer (give me an extra two minutes of daylight) and fine tuning path finding.

        What would be nice is to have some food that isn’t so hard to find and grow or risks getting you killed. Maybe an apple tree and fishing rod (or a harpoon) would allow for some safer food collection.

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        The little kids are the morons who think the puke is “teh awesome”. Do us all a favour and grow up.

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      I can say so far I’m not impressed with many elements of the update. The first map I tested on the sun rose in the wrong direction… That was fun.

      Female characters are far too weak it seems, broke 2 swords on just one wolf pack.

      Two food items are endlessly “fresh”, pumpkins that are placed on the ground, and flour (wheat sucked so hard). Also you can “refresh” food by cooking it, not much help but there ya go.

      Apparently Kaalus listened to me when I said the game wasn’t hard enough, just didn’t think he’d mess health/controls and “stats” so directly, me and many others wanted seasons to give the game more challenge, but whatever it’s his game he can decide how hard he wants to knee us in the balls. Need shoes bare foot bad got that everyday, but shoes are hard to get on an island with no predators….

      *Cannot eat the same food all the time.
      I cannot even begin to say how STUPID this is.
      Yeah many people will call you “rude” for saying stupid or dumb, but I agree with the statement, eat or starve to death!

      *Reduced minerals frequency
      So you’ve taken something extremely rare and made it even MORE rare? Awesome!
      Yes it is awesome, when we get true multiplayer the world is doomed just like my prediction, “There will be death, so much death”.

      Congratulations! You have killed the game! I disagree, it could still be salvaged like many other games, but it is unlikely there will be anyone to come to the rescue.

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        i only agree with the food one, but overall it´s an amazing update, if you don´t like it or it´s too hard for you, there is minecraft more softy lol

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      1. You can’t throw rocks quicker than 1.5 seconds because the exact reason he said. You could “machine gun” them and it could kill wolves in less than two seconds, with rock chunks. (Needed)

      2. He did reduce ore, but all ores now drop 2 or more ore at a time. This is more realistic. Less ore veins, but you get more ore from each vein. (Nice addition)

      3. He increased the attack resilience because it is realistic (wolves don’t die in three hits of a machete) and it makes the game more challenging, so players will be more careful. (Neutral Addition)

      4. I can agree he shouldn’t have increased the hostile animal rate, as it can be hard to find specific animals as it is. (Not Needed)

      5. He made it so you can’t eat the same food all the time for two reasons. A) It makes the game more challenging. B) It’s realistic. In real life if you eat the same food too much with little to no variety, you will stop receiving nutrients from the food and possibly become sick. (Needed)

      6. Once again, I agree. I don’t think lightning should have been increased as it just burn everything and makes the world look ugly. (Not Needed)

      7. He made running backwards slower, again, for two reasons. A) It’s more challenging, since you have to plan attacks more strategically (making long range weapons more useful) and B) It’s realistic. You can’t sprint backwards at all, so of course running backwards would be slower. (Needed)

      Preserving items would actually cause a misbalance. It would immediately cause the problem he was trying to fix, all over again (food hoarding). Rain-coats I do think are needed. Lastly, LEDs aren’t really meant to be that helpful in challenging, so your non-existent ore problem shouldn’t affect it.

      That’s my opinion on everything. Also, the MC vs. SC thing is childish in the first place, nobody cares.

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        Well said sun, fully agree with you

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        [Rocks] Read up a bit on the history of rock throwing. Also, David and Goliath.

        [Ore] No, not realistic. Go check out a real mine

        [Wolves] Oh, so you have a lot of real world experience fighting wolves with a machete? You could probably kill a wolf with *ONE* good hit from a machete. If nothing else, the wolf would turn tale after a single good hit.

        [Food] (Obviously stated by somebody who has not had the need to eat a single food for a long period of time) No, it is *NOT* realistic. But either way, this makes the game *NOT FUN*. Now if he made the different animals drop different tyoes of meat (whoa! Would that be *realistic*?) then we might have something here.

        [Backwards] When youre already suffering from the game not sensing me trying to attacck, and the *INCREASED* damage from some of the monsters and the *INCREASED* resilience, there is no need to add another “challange”. The real problem here is he added too many tjhiings at once severely unbalancing the whole game.

        And what does it matter if I preserve and “hoard” food? That is what people in this situation would do in real life (whoa… there’s that realism thing again)

        I haoope to like incorporating electronics in my survival worlds. It already took a long time to gather enoough materials to make light timers and clocks. Why make it even harder since it wouldn’t affect anybody wwho does not do electronics. (Also, if there is no “need” for electronics in survival, why does the ore even exist?) There was simply no reason to reduce minerals.

        I do have to see, I’m not alone in at least a couple of these items.

        Instead of increasing the number of predators, he should have addressed the point that they never despawn. I could travel hundreds of blocks away (far past the draw distance) for a game month and when I come back, the wolf packs would be even larger. Cattle, on the other hand, sometimes seem to despawn just by walking behind a tree.

        As for the MC vs SC thing – you obviously haven’t been reading these comment sections long.

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          1. Never in history do people “machine gun” rocks. Also, David used one stone and used a stone sling. That has nothing to with the topic other than “rocks.”

          2. I’ve taken a small class about mining. It may not have been interesting but I did learn a few things. One being the fact you get more ore out of an ore vein than the character previously did. Also, there tends to be one location with ore not billions of ore veins scattered about.

          3. I never claimed to having experience fighting wolves with machetes. Wolves are giant huge K-9s (bigger than the game leads on) so if a wolf attacked you, three machete swings aren’t likely to kill it. Also, you CAN kill a wolf with one well placed hit, but the survivor is no expert, combat mercenary now is he?

          4. Have you never heard of the food pyramid? There is a reason it exists. You can’t eat any basic food over and over and expect to stay living and healthy. The different animals having different meats wouldn’t really help much. Meat mostly just has protein. You need other things to survive too. This wouldn’t help YOUR issue.

          5. This is just a complaint of how YOU aren’t good at the game. Not the games fault.

          Indeed people in real life would hoard as much food as possible, but it wouldn’t last long before it spoils. You know, how it works in the game. In real life raw meat wouldn’t even last a day out of the fridge though, he was nice with the spoil time. Your “realism” point didn’t even address the issue I brought up, you ignored mine, and put words in my mouth. (Then still failed to make a strong point, man, today is not your day.)

          There isn’t a need for electronics in survival. Never touch copper or germanium and you’ll be fine. Just because you use electronics in survival doesn’t mean he planned it to be easy.

          I agreed with you on the animal thing, don’t know why you still argued about it.

          Lastly, I have been on this forum since 2014. Did you get the part when I said the MC vs. SC thing is childish? That’s my point only kids care about that crap. I think it’s stupid to fight about it, as competition makes results.

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      Reading all this I think a posibility to adjust many of these mechanismes would be helpful. At least there should be about 3 different difficulties.

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    Seems like I’m a bit late to the party :P
    I’m only just now finding out that it’s been released / submitted for 2 hours now! :D

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    There’s an awful lot of wolves. I mean I opened a world, and within a day (in game) there were at least ten wolves surrounding me. Maybe even thirteen. I don’t know if that’s an issue, or just the area I was in.

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      I had around twenty swimming in a circle. I was seriously wondering if wolves could drown…

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    There’s only meolti and bunhwal screens, so there’s only a little bit of it.

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    Server Yeo r su it ge Please do it for me.

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    서버열수있게 해주세요 저는 한국인 이니 영어를 잘 못합니다

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    I don’t think this is normal. https://pasteboard.co/1jNCPfilz.jpg

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    Awaiting for pc update.

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    Kaalus please talk about language packs.
    A lot of people here offered you help with translation.
    I even sent you the german translation for the play store description.
    The actual description seems to be awfully translated by google.
    This is no good marketing!

    Also let us help you translate atleast the UI or block/items names.
    Complex translation like beastiary or recipedia can wait. But let us translate the basic stuff!

    • hanaa12
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      Yes, some languages will make SC more popular

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    Hello once again. I really like the additional challenge and so on, but the amount of predators respawning in the night is Huge. I was attacked by Horde of approximately 25 werewolves and 3 bears. It’s not as bad as the fact that the game was way to laggy then. In the morning, when werewolves became wolves it is playable but then it was just 4-10 FPS.

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      Horde https://imgur.com/gallery/nodfU

    • Posted June 25, 2017 at 09:01 | Permalink | Reply

      This was always a big turnoff for me and my friends.
      It was almost impossible to go out at night without a great risk to die.
      But the very annoying part was the horde of predators waiting right outside your hiding place. Even if they don’t attack on sight it was very annoying. They always blocked the way so I had to jump my way trough them.

      Also we need more prey. They live usually in big herds.

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      Turn off the sound (in game settings). And the fps skyrockets. At least on my phone it does.

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        It’s working! Thanks Billy Bob. So it’s a bug connected with sound.

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          My happiness was too hasty. In the night, when my character was sleeping game once again was a collection of pictures (choppy fps). I guess it’s due to fact that the game simulate world when we’re sleeping. It’s demanding to simulate more than 30 animals(sic!) jumping around my shelter so it results in low framerate. This makes sleeping process long and unpleasant.

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    ISSUES ALERT! Tested PS4 Controller and I’ve already experienced an Issue!

    It doesn’t exist a quick method to open pause menu, You have to open the inventory or the body meny first!

    Also, seems that the central trackpad of the PS4 controller doesn’t have any function, so why don’t enable the pause function with the Trackpad? (Options opens only a Help menu)

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    Is the germaniun crystal bug or thats the actual color?

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    We need windows version now… I am trying to run SC on our computer via emulator. And it’s getting annoying cause of all the glitching etc… But also, this new survival stuff I don’t know about it!!! I’m catching the flu every other minute on top of getting sick, and I get killed Everytime I step outside. I’m gonna have to adjust my strategy to get used to this update…

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      I think the animals are a little to agresive everytime I go out I just plan on dying… Cause every time I get close enough to see an animal it attacks me and kills me, even with my stone machete! Fortunately as always dying is often good!!! If I am not carrying much it actually gives me some food and full health!!

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    Kaalus, I’ve sent to you an email which describes every issue that I’ve found (so far) with the PS4 controller…

    It works better than I taught, but there are a bunch of things that should be adjusted, I guess…

  27. axz000
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    How download SC2 on PC ?

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    I noticed when dragging a block across/over the new 3d models for the chunks, they clipped together. Also I’ve heard that there are wayyy too many hostile mobs spawning. Only thing I don’t really like. Also, as mentioned by others, predators shouldn’t out number prey, you should try balancing out the animal system next update.

    A few other points I’d like to recognize.

    There should be a easier way to fish, like a rod or something. This isn’t really on my radar, but I see this come up quite a lot and it is something I can agree with.

    I get that lightning makes storm look cool and all, but in reality, or at least where I live (northern New England (U.S.)), thunderstorms don’t happen that often here, we can go a large amount of showers, regular rainfall, and some of the more stormy weather, without seeing any lighting. And when there is lightning, it is rarely close, you will see it usually seconds before you here it. And lightning doesn’t always successfully seek the highest point. Lightning can often be miles out and all that, with only maybe a few being anywhere really close by during the occurrence of a storm with some action.

    I’d like you to take a look at night temperatures, where I live, temperature can drop significantly at night, but I also know that it often doesn’t have such a large drop. Then again deserts are known to get rather cold at night. I’m a little bit un-knowledge about the subject but I’d like you to do a little research on the topic seeming as it is more noticeable in the game now.

    sneaking bothers me a bit, no animation + being able to see as if your one block tall (but not being so). I suggest tweeking/doing something else with it. I also still noticed some no clipping while sneaking, although definitely less than in the past

    I like how you retextured some of the older animals, I feel as if the bird’s model is a little out dated when comparing it to the other models… Even though I’ll probably get nostalgic and miss it.

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      Another thing I wanted to add is you should really hop on to multi language support… I see a bit more activity in NON English speakers. Especially the Russian/Spanish communities. I also noticed a lot of Chinese activity and it even includes some sketchy behavior, I think they have been modding/redistributing the game at a largish scale. One of the main ones being a translated version in Mandarin. I’m not sure if people are paying money or not as google translate only does so much but I’d like to give you a few links.

      • Posted June 25, 2017 at 10:35 | Permalink | Reply

        h ttps://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=%C9%FA%B4%E6%D5%BD%D5%F9
        h ttps://github.com/lzm956902416/SMT – h ttp://smt.survivalcraft.cn/
        h ttps://tieba.baidu.com/p/5163189867

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    • Stanimus
      Posted June 25, 2017 at 17:42 | Permalink | Reply

      Being able to see the bottom of a block, one block off the ground is absolutely necessary and a HUGE improvement over MC! Sneak in SC actually means getting close to the ground unlike MC where you’re basically just hunched over.

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    Sleeping takes way too long now, kaalus. This bug needs fixing quick, it is very annoying.

    • Posted June 25, 2017 at 11:21 | Permalink | Reply

      Yes sleeping takes ages even in single player it is so annoying…

  30. Posted June 25, 2017 at 10:48 | Permalink | Reply

    I found another thing. When you kill the animal with explosive bolt or bomb it won’t give you experience. Burning animals also don’t supplies you with these shiny little orbs.

  31. Posted June 25, 2017 at 11:15 | Permalink | Reply

    I don’t know if it’s just for me, but in the main menu, it still says ‘Welcome to SurvivalCraft 2.0!’ even though it says 2.1 upper.

    • Posted June 25, 2017 at 11:30 | Permalink | Reply

      Same here

    • Posted June 25, 2017 at 12:02 | Permalink | Reply

      It happened the same thing with 2.0 update

      Don’t forget that So Far only Android users got the update, probably will be fixed when iOS and Windows users will get the update too…

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    Why is there experience orbs in creative!!! It’s very pointless because the creative player is already as good as he can be

    • Posted June 25, 2017 at 11:34 | Permalink | Reply

      He (or she) can still increase his Attack power, movement speed etc

      • Posted June 25, 2017 at 11:45 | Permalink | Reply

        Ok I see what you mean. but you can VERY easily level up in creative why not just have creative stats maxed to start with?

        • Posted June 25, 2017 at 12:00 | Permalink

          I do agree with you… Max stats in Creative would be better…

          Or alternatively a creative-exclusive tool that allows you to get a lot of experience easily, similar to MC Bottle of Enchanting? I don’t know… A Spawner egg that spawns twenty experience orbs?

  33. Posted June 25, 2017 at 11:27 | Permalink | Reply

    Also I have found that it is WAY too easy to accidentally kill your partner when trying to open doors and stuff, one time I was actually facing AWAY from the other player to open a door and I hit him…(he was directly behind me). Why is this?

    • Posted June 25, 2017 at 11:30 | Permalink | Reply

      Maybe a way to decide if he is a friend or enemy, if the enemy is selected for that player then you hit him always, if friend is set then you cannot hit him.

  34. Posted June 25, 2017 at 11:32 | Permalink | Reply

    Also animals seem to spin in circles sometimes for no reason.

    • Posted June 25, 2017 at 11:44 | Permalink | Reply

      And prey NEEDS to be more common I can’t live off of rotten meat and I can’t find any prey anywhere!!! and im off finding some prey and then I get killed by some mean animal…

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    Another bug, if you use gamepads, they go a bit down when you open the inventory.

  36. Posted June 25, 2017 at 11:55 | Permalink | Reply


    Don’t forget to check the official changelog for 2.1

    There are way more tweaks than expected!

  37. Posted June 25, 2017 at 11:57 | Permalink | Reply

    https ://kaalus.wordpress.com/updates-history/

    Don’t forget to check the official changelog for 2.1

    There are way more tweaks than expected!

    (delete the space between https and :// in case there are some issues with the link)

  38. hkarta
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    And again, my comments are completely gone? What kind of moderation rule is that?
    Not gonna write them again, simply check out my suggestion – extended difficulty settings.
    https ://image.ibb.co/hcHvJQ/sc_difficulty.png
    (remove space)

    • hkarta
      Posted June 25, 2017 at 12:09 | Permalink | Reply

      In my opinion the game desperately need something like this. Over time a lot of features has been added – and have to say I dont enjoy most of the survival ones. Yet I belive there are people who like them. So, what the game needs is FREEDOM OF CHOICE. Switches like these should be pretty easy to implement, yet it would make huge difference. Because when the game forces you into some activity you find boring, than guess what – the game becomes boring as well.

      I state again that I can completely understand that there are people who like these changes. But please, try to understand as well, that there ARE pople, who DONT enjoy them.

      • Posted June 25, 2017 at 12:16 | Permalink | Reply

        Hello hkarta, I noticed that awhile ago you posted a mc->sc world converter on the forums, (I don’t care if it is outdated/doesn’t work with the current version of the game). I was wondering if you still had it saved somewhere and if I could maybe get a download link to it? The one you posted no longer works.

        h ttp://survivalcraft.lefora.com/reply/46980387/-like-convert-minecraft-worlds-survivalcraft-

        • hkarta
          Posted June 25, 2017 at 12:22 | Permalink

          I deffinitely dont have it anymore, but I think I could write some simple application that does this again – if the game format description on this blog is still accurate.
          Dont expect it tomorrow, but should I have some spare time, I could do that.

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    The bug that Gravel doesn’t drop anymore Gravel Blocks isn’t resolved yet…

  40. doctor hyena
    Posted June 25, 2017 at 12:31 | Permalink | Reply

    what does the improved zebra texture look like?
    could someone post a pic?

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