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There is a list of all animals with their properties coming in 2.1. It’s called Bestiary.

That’s how it looks like (I will probably add loot info as well):


Also have a look at the video:

At the end of the video I have a question for you: I can make it so that bestiary is initially filled with “undiscovered” entries. As the animals are discovered by the player, they will appear there. Discovering an animal means looking at it from close range (e.g. ┬áless than 5 blocks) for a period of time, or killing it.

This way player has some incentive to wander off and find more animals.

Do you think I should do it for 2.1, or should the bestiary be complete from the start? Please let me know in the comments!

Now for something else.

Here the way the game calculates attack damage (to give some meaning to attack power/resilience figures in Bestiary):

Each animal has a life value that is between 0 and 1 (dead to full health). The life value of player is displayed as hearts. A successful attack reduces the life value of a creature by the following amount:

damage = attack power of attacker / resilience of target

A random factor of +/- 20% is added to every attack.

For example, a human male using bare hands has an attack power of 1. If attacking a brown bear (resilience 60), the resulting damage will be:

damage = 1 / 60 = 0.0167

Not much. You need about 60 bare hands hits to kill the bear. On the other hand if you’re wielding an iron machete (attack power 7), you just need 8-9 hits.

If the defender is wearing armor, the armor takes the damage instead, leaving body unharmed. After taking enough damage (indicated as Armor Durability in Recipaedia), the armor will disintegrate.

“Soft” types of armor (like leather or fur) only absorb a part of the damage, and the attack still partially damages the body. The percentage of damage armor absorbs is displayed as Armor Protection (0 to 100%) in Recipaeadia. Hard armors have it at 100%, leather at 50%, furs at 25%. For 2.1 I am also making cotton clothes have 10% instead of 0% (so that wearing clothes always helps a bit).

Anyway, please go to the comments and let me know what you think about the Bestiary idea.