Daily Archives: June 17, 2017


As you’ve seen in the videos, there’s a new simpler temperature bar coming in 2.1. It simply shows the temperature of the environment around the player (not body temperature, you can check that in Vital Stats panel).

The thermometer has 7 possible readouts. The middle one, with skin-tone color is the ideal environment temperature. The one below it should still be fine if you have some clothing on. The two most extreme cold require specialist clothing to survive, preferably made of fur.

The hottest readout will quickly give you blackouts if you don’t move to a cooler area. The orange ones are good to sleep in when you have flu.

In 2.1 environment temperature varies much more with day/night cycle than in 2.0. Even if you can comfortably stay outside during the day, at night you will likely get cold (and sneezing! Shudder).