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Windows Store in certification

I’ve just published Windows Store (Windows 8.1+, Windows Phone) for certification.

Here’s the list of changes from Android 2.1.6:

  • Increased amount of animals spawned
  • Fixed rendering issue when underwater and resolution set to low/medium

I’ll let you know once it passes (or fails) certification.

I will release these small changes for Android soon too. The remaining platforms waiting for release are Amazon and iOS.

Blocks data and icons

I’ve updated blocks data and icons on Files/Technical page. You can also download it here.

There’s a much more comprehensive set of blocks icons (over 1500 of them) in the zip. The number after filename is the data value associated with the block that produces the given variant.

Hope this will be useful.

…and 1500 more


2.1.6 going out

Another bunch of fixes:

  • Added new opposite screen layouts for 3 and 4 players (not that I think they will be useful for many people, but they’re trivial to add)
  • Fixed dispenser deleting items when firing them into a solid block
  • Tweaked chase ranges for sharks, werewolves
  • Fixed crafting seeds from pumpkins

Should be with you soon. Please update and keep testing. I want to start releasing for other platforms ASAP.


2.1.5 released to Google Play


  • Fixed generation of underground magma chambers, water chambers and pockets of various block types
  • Improved looks of magma splash and water splash

Thank you for all the bug reports and please keep testing!

Underground terrain generation broken

Thanks for the reports on missing magma chambers. Indeed, a lot of the underground terrain generation is currently (2.1.4) broken. I don’t know why I did not notice it earlier!

A fix will be out soon.

2.1.4 released

Here’s the list of changes from 2.1.3:

  • Fixed drag/drop of furniture items into furniture sets list
  • Fixed dragging of single items from slot selected for splitting
  • Each level requires 8% more experience to reach than the previous one
  • Made dispenser accept items

Please keep testing!



By popular demand, I am adding ability of dispensers to accept items. See the video:

More info about 2.1.4 coming soon. I should be publishing it to Google Play later today.

2.1.3 published to Google Play

Again, big thanks to everybody who submitted bug reports.

Here’s what’s changed in 2.1.3:

  • Experimental support for gamepads with digital triggers (e.g. PS3 gamepad)
  • Increased flu onset time (takes longer until you get it)
  • Increased food drops from large animals
  • Fixed horse control, horses would run back to herd even if rider was on
  • Fixed donkey saddled texture
  • Fixed and optimized broken water thawing/freezing and snow deposition
  • Speeded up block scanning, should reduce sleep times further
  • Fixed water bucket drawing
  • Fixed summoning horses by whistle
  • Reduced player food satiation (can eat the same food for longer before you get sick)

2.1.3 should be with you shortly.

Please keep testing.

2.1.2 going out

I’ve just published 2.1.2 bugfix release to Google Play.

I’ve decided to make experience orbs available in creative. No need for the chest hack to get them. They’re now in creative inventory.

Here’s what you’re getting in 2.1.2:

  • Made experience orbs collection sound quieter
  • D-Pad Down does not switch camera when GUI is active
  • Vital Stats widget improvements (10 half bars instead of 8 blending bars)
  • Gamepad cursor speed setting added
  • Sensitivities screen merged with controls screen
  • Animals will break off chase for longer than previously
  • Gamepad B/Circle button goes back to previous screen on all screens
  • Gamepad B/Circle button closes game menu
  • Amount of dropped experience displayed in Recipaedia block description
  • Gravel drops gravel blocks correctly
  • Fixed masses of wolves spawning at full moon
  • Explosions can now generate much bigger pressure if many barrels are put next to each other
  • Increased explosion resistance of iron blocks, copper blocks and diamond blocks to withstand stronger explosives in 2.1
  • Added furniture mirroring
  • Added experience orbs to creative inventory
  • Reduced wolves, coyotes and rhinos spawn rate
  • Optimized sleeping to take less time

Quite a lot for a bugfix release :-)

Thank you for all the bug reports so far and please keep testing!

Long sleep time

I am aware of this problem, but there is no easy fix.

The problem is, the game is fully simulated in the background when the players are sleeping. This must be so. You want the animals to get to you when you forget to lock the door. You want your crops to grow. You want your food to rot. You want your electricity to work. And so on.

Of course, simulating entire night (8 minutes of real time) plus a usually a good part of the day, depending on when you went to sleep, is not going to take a few seconds.

What I am doing for 2.1.2:

  • I optimized away certain things to take less time during sleep. For example texture animation was done unneccesarily.
  • I speeded up the time even further. This means you might get really choppy framerate while sleeping. But I don’t think the Zzz… moving smoothly is the most important thing in the world.

What you can do:

  • Reduce your visibility range. The larger the amount of terrain loaded, the more work the simulation has to do. For example, the game is constantly scanning the entire loaded terrain so that every block is polled at least once per game time minute. The more terrain there is, the more polling to do. Apart from animals physics/AI, this is the most time consuming thing.

Should be releasing 2.1.2 soon.