Daily Archives: May 23, 2017

Multiple players

The biggest feature of 2.1 will no doubt be ability to have multiple players in the game. I will stress this again – this is not yet a true network multiplayer, but split screen multiplayer on a single device.

Network multiplayer would be ideal and is obviously a long awaited feature, but make no mistake, split screen might at times be just as good if not better. The advantage is that you are right next to each other, not in different rooms or even countries, and so cooperation comes very easily. We’ve played the split screen with my kids for many, many hours now, and it’s an absolute blast. At least once you get used to gamepad controls :-)

Anyway, here’s some UI screenshots. That’s how you edit players in the game. You can add or remove players at any time:


That’s how you set up a player:


You also need to decide how you want your screen split up:


Plenty of different layouts are available:


When’s the release? My todo list for 2.1 is down to 11 items from 16 at the last post.

Next time I’ll show you some of the survival goodies coming up. Remember the funky thing you still cannot figure out? There’s a lot more to it now :-)