Daily Archives: February 8, 2017

This is what I am working on

I have finally got to a point where I think the big thing in 2.1 will work, so here’s what it is.

Is it multiplayer?

It isn’t. But it also is! That’s what I am talking about:


In the photo above, my kids are testing split screen in Challenging mode, trying to grab some wood before the night comes.

Up to 4 people can play:


All of the above screenshots were taken on a PC. One person plays with a mouse, the rest uses gamepads.

What about phones and tablets? Well, it’s more difficult. You can mirror the device’s screen on a TV and use gamepads to play (I am adding gamepad support in 2.1).

But below is an experimental setup that might just work on 10″ tablets without TVs or pads:


The players use opposite sides of the tablet.

I don’t have much hopes this is very comfortable for any length of time, and probably it’s a dud, but the possibility is there.

Today I quickly hacked the terrain generator so that it generates a small island surrounded by ocean only. I played with my kids for a couple of hours in Challenging using 3-way splitscreen, trying to survive on the island. There was no pumpkins, and the only cows were in a cold part of the island, where we could not get without proper clothes. My son was hunting birds with a stone spear to keep us alive (three people need a lot of birds not to starve), my daughter was improving our little house on top of a tree, while I was preparing a farm near the water (we had no bucket yet). It was a blast! Real fun.

During the last month I refactored the code out of all recognition, and it now supports UI that is upside down (funky!) and most importantly having multiple players in the same world.

Now I need to dispel any misunderstandings. This is not multiplayer – all players must play on the same computer/phone/tablet. But yes, you can have many players.

Also, it is badly unfinished still. Plenty of details are wrong. For example if one player goes to sleep, time speeds up about 10x and everyone else is pretty much screwed :-)

Anyway, I hope you get the idea, and I must tell you after playing with my kids, I’ve not had so much fun with a game for a long time! If you have siblings or friends I think you’ll like it too.


I was reading your comments, and I think you guys are amazing. I posted a couple of puny screenshots and you are already finding bugs! Someone noticed that the temperature meter is invisible for some players in the screenshots – so well spotted! I didn’t notice it. It took me 5 minutes to figure out why they are invisible – if only everything was so simple. It’s not a bug in this case – the players are in a cold area and the bars are flashing – that’s why some of them are invisible in the screenshots :-) But thanks anyway, the fact that you are looking so closely made my day.