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Getting there

I think I have cleared all major obstacles on the way to the big new feature for 2.1. What remains are plenty of minor things and a tiny detail – actually making it playable! That means adding loads of new UI.

I have been working on this monster flat out for almost three weeks now. My list of “things to check when I’m finished” (i.e. whether they are not broken) contains pretty much everything that is in the game.

I hope I’ll be able to show something to you soon.


Still working…

Nothing to show so far, but I made big progress. I think we are on the right track here. Several big chunks of work that were very risky are out of the way and working. However, there’s still a few left that can derail the whole thing – chief among them is terrain refactoring work that I am starting just now; I need it for the new feature to work.

Yesterday I was actually looking for some sort of git visualisation tool to boost my ego by seeing how many code changes I made over the last week. Sadly I haven’t found anything practical, otherwise I’d have shown you a nicely spiking graph! In brief, I am averaging about ten commits per day with each commit spanning a hundred or more files. Pretty much rewrote half of the game in the last two weeks.

I feel bad writing so much and showing nothing, but it’s too early for reveals, so you’ll just have to bear with me and wait a little longer :-)

Bogged down

A few days ago I had a brainwave and started working on a very promising idea for 2.1. Unfortunately it seems the amount of work to get it done is absolutely massive. I am currently bogged down, knee deep in classes, almost rewriting entire game from scratch. Maybe it’s an exaggeration, but I am touching almost every bit of code there is. The amount of bugs I am unwittingly introducing must be staggering.


The problems are caused by some assumptions I hardcoded into the game from day one (5 years ago), so they are deeply entrenched and very hard to root out now.

As much as I would love to, I can’t tell you what the thing is until I am sure it will work. At the moment it seems lightyears away! I hope I am wrong here. At least yesterday the game started compiling again, but lots of things are broken.

If I manage to complete it, it will be grand. If I fail, I’ll have to revert and go back to what I was doing at the start of the week, which was not bad in itself and much easier :-)


JB modern house

I’ve been looking through community content, and there are some great new builds there. If you haven’t seen “JB modern house” (it’s near the top) – check it out.

It has loads of awesome modern furniture. Computers, offices, TVs, bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, leisure areas. Must have taken huge amount of work. Kudos to JB!


If you have good ideas on how to further improve furniture in the following updates – please let me know in comments. I am after realistic and workable stuff, ideally from people who spent some time making furniture. Experience is scarce at the moment. Please, no random lists full of rayguns, jedis, and star treks :-)

Btw. I’ve unpinned a lot of old cruft in Community Content so that it does not hog the top of the list. There’s now less than 30 items permanently pinned to the top as opposed to hundreds before 2.0 update.


Survivalcraft Prehistory

I don’t know if any of you here remembers the first release of Survivalcraft on Windows Phone 7. It was in November 2011, over 5 years ago.

I was digging though the old emails and found some old source code from the time before the first release. The code dates shortly after I started working on the game. It represents maybe a month or two of work.

Survivalcraft August 2011.jpg

It’s not much, but it already has smooth radiosity lighting that some of Minecraft clones lack even today :-)

If you have a PC at hand and want to try it out for yourself, here’s the link:

Survivalcraft Dev August 2011

There’s both debug and release builds included and you need to install XNA framework redistributable (included in zip) for it to work.

I find it hard to believe that scarcely 1.5 months after this build I had a working game with inventory, crafting, proper UI, world generation etc. released on Windows Phone. Must have been working like a madman.

Moving contraption

I suspected it’s possible but never got around to trying to make one.

Here’s a video where someone makes a travelling structure from pistons and custom switches:

You can build one and watch as it wanders off and disappears over the horizon :-)



2.1 Update Progress

Since finishing 2.0 release on all platforms I have been working on the next update, 2.1.

As usual, I don’t want to tell you too much at this point in case I later cannot deliver on what I promised. I usually only announce stuff once it’s done and at least partially tested. Hate over-promising and under-delivering.

What I can say is that I am working on new survival features. A few recent updates focused mostly on creative, it’s time to reverse the trend!


Will keep you posted!

Btw. Bugs has been approved for iOS. Here’s the link:

Give it a try if you have an iPhone/iPad/iPod. It’s free.