Daily Archives: December 30, 2016

Bugs for remaining platforms

I finally got round to publishing Bugs to Amazon, Windows & Windows Phone and iOS. Took me two days to go through all the moves. Hate it! I’d much rather code than fill out forms, take screenshots, apply for certificates and resize icons, among millions of other chores required to get it published.

iOS version is in review.

Windows and Amazon versions available here:



Google Play version is still here:



To remind you: Bugs is a free (no ads either) Turret Defence game:


Hopefully can go back to work on Survivalcraft 2.1 update now.

Be vigilant for promo codes – I have some more generated and will post randomly to give different peoples a chance. Actually, here’s one: 4UAFD363X5USXE5DFKLMB5S. Redeem it on Google Play for a free copy of Survivalcraft 2.

The next one will appear via Twitter only.

Promo codes!

I’ve just noticed Google Play now allows generating promo codes. I am not sure yet how you use them though.

So here’s one Survivalcraft 2 code for you:


If you are the lucky person who is first to grab it and convert into a game, can you please post in a comment where you are supposed to copy/paste it?

Btw. there’s more codes incoming :-)