Daily Archives: December 27, 2016

Why can’t you make furniture out of raw wood?

Some people have complained that wood (as opposed to planks) is not a furniture material.

Birch Wood-0.png

One reason behind it is that in challenging mode you would be able to take a hammer and with a single tap turn a tree in the forest into a little strange twisted shape. That would be odd.

Second reason is that the furniture would not look as you expect – i.e. like a wood carving. The bark would be “inside” the log.

So – no furniture from raw wood.

I think the best material for a lot of furniture is painted clay. It is smooth, so that you can add your own pattern. Existing materials patterns often collide with your design, because you have no control over where they appear. And it comes in all colors available in the game.

It’s the reason I made clay paintable.