Daily Archives: December 19, 2016

Christmas Presents Time!

I have something for you this year. A free game. Bugs!


It’s a free turret defence style game. No ads. No banners. No in-app purchases. No strings attached. Enjoy! Download it on Google Play.


Btw. I think it’s devilishly hard! Please let me know whether you were able to complete all 3 levels on Normal or harder difficulty.

If you don’t like turret defence games, sorry!  Maybe next year I’ll make something else that you’ll like better.

I will probably release it for Amazon, Windows and iOS too, but a little bit later. I need a food break. Making games is fun, publishing them to various AppStores not so much!

Btw. this game is completely independent of Survivalcraft, and of course it does not mean I stopped working on Survivalcraft! In fact I have already added some features for the upcoming 2.1 update.

Have a good Christmas!

The promotional price for Survivalcraft 2 is still in force, but it’s the last moments. I will be changing it to $3.99 soon.