Daily Archives: December 16, 2016

I know, I need to post 2.0 changelist

Did you know that lightbulbs are now paintable, so that you can make them go nicely with colored wires?


Btw. 2.0 default blocks texture is already in Files/Technical section in case you wanted to make some block textures.

There’s 95 furniture packs in Community Content already. I haven’t had time to check out most of them, but I expect the quality will be going up as people learn how to make furniture. I made some tweaks to community content during this release, so less stuff should get automatically deleted.

Windows Phone bugfix update (2.0.41) is submitted and approved, you should be getting it soon.

Bug on Windows Phone

There is a bug in Windows Phone version of Survivalcraft 2. Due to a missing file, it is currently impossible to import worlds from older versions of the game:


My bad! All other platforms are OK.

Thank you for reporting. This is already fixed and I am preparing an update to submit later today.