Daily Archives: December 11, 2016

2.0.1 bugfix version published

Thank you for all the bug reports with 2.0 version!

I’ve just published a bugfix release (2.0.1) that fixes the following:

  • Stack splitting mode was entered too quickly on inventory slots (red highlight rectangle). This should now work well, in fact even better than in 1.29. Please let me know!
  • Bedrock was movable by pistons. A cheeky cheeky one and well spotted! Indeed I forgot about bedrock. It’s fixed in 2.0.1 and you can no longer get to the void beneath by using pistons. You can however still move bedrock with them! So, building of indestructible castles is possible, but very tedious. Good luck with constructing efficient bedrock excavation machines!
  • Incendiary kegs can now be triggered by electricity.
  • Added some colors to item categories in creative inventory.
  • Fixed out-of-world injury system.

The new version should appear in Google Play in a couple of hours. Please keep testing!