Daily Archives: December 7, 2016


All there is to know about pistons in Survivalcraft, see the video:

I hope you like the way it works. I am not sure myself what clever machines are possible with it. It extends up to 8 blocks, pulls up to 8 blocks, has variable speed and is all controlled by electronics. I am pretty sure I only scratched the surface in the video and you will be able to build way more amazing stuff!

Actually, it’s not all there is to know about pistons. I forgot to mention that diamond block is a special case for pistons and it cannot be moved. It’s handy when you want to stop a piston from moving something – just place diamonds behind it :-)


Now for something different.

Did you know that in November this year 5 years have passed since I released first version of Survivalcraft on Windows Phone 7? Is there anyone here who still remembers that?!

It was the time when Notch (what happened to him?) was still in control of Minecraft and they were preparing to unleash 1.0 onto the world. Minecraft PE barely existed and was severely limited with no mobs, no infinite worlds, no fluids and no crafting. Phones were so slow and memory so scarce on them that anyone making a blocky game faced enormous difficulties. All the tricks in the book had to be employed to get anywhere near playable framerates.

That was a long time ago.

Since then, I released 29 updates for you. For some time now with each update I have been thinking about doing something different, but always postponed it. However, the time is now: 5 years anniversary, furniture and pistons.


The next version will not be called 1.30. 1.29 was the last version in 1.0 series. It will be 2.0. And it will be a new app in the store. That means you will need to buy it again to enjoy new features and continued updates. On the other hand, I intend to heavily discount it for a period of time, so that people who follow the blog and know about it can have it cheaply before the price goes back up before Christmas. I think that’s fair.

2.0 will be of course fully backwards compatible with 1.29 and will continue to work with older worlds and community content.