Daily Archives: December 6, 2016

Sea Level?

I realized that there is no reason I only allow changing global temperature and humidity in creative. So, in the next version you can change it in Challenging modes too.

But that’s not all, have a look at that:


Yes, you can also change global sea level!

Setting it to +16 is pretty extreme. There’s sometimes no land in sight when you spawn. And as you well know, the lonely guy is not a great swimmer. How are you supposed not to drown?  What about the sharks?

Well, I made a little tweak. If you spawn in water, you at least get a free boat :-) And it has 50% more strength than in 1.29.


Nice and cosy.

To really test yourselves, how about setting temperature to -16 and sea level to +16? You will end up in the ocean all right, but it’s a frozen ocean. So no boat for the poor castaway. If you survive the first day in that, hats off!


I tried, and was promptly eaten by a polar bear. On the second try I froze to death in minutes. On the third try, I frantically reached an island, with screen almost totally frozen over and 3/4 of health gone through frostbite, and (clever, clever) made myself a dugout!

Temperature simulation in Survivalcraft is pretty good. It’s fairly warm in the dugout if it’s small and you seal it. You can survive and even unfreeze your screen a little, wearing just old shirt and trousers. But you can only jump out into the open for a minute, or you’ll freeze in -16 environment.

So I was trying to get hold of some fur for clothing and wood to make weapons and a crafting table, all in one minute bursts, when a tiger got me. Bad luck!

Back to work!

I am sure you’ll fare better. Or maybe you won’t. For extra difficulty set humidity to -16 too, and game mode to Cruel. Don’t forget to record it, so that you can post replay on YouTube as a proof. Otherwise no one will believe you :-)