Daily Archives: December 4, 2016

The new feature

It’s ready. And I added a lot more fancy stuff to it than I originally meant to. But, as it takes time to make videos, I haven’t got anything grand to show you yet. Hopefully this little picture should set you thinking:



Love making sandcastles!

Furniture does not always have to be furniture.


Slab textures fixed

Some of you reported that slab textures were upside down! That’s now fixed. Everything lines up correctly:


Not sure if I mentioned it yet, but the next version has a unified lighting system for all block types. There should be much less lighting artefacts where different types of blocks meet.

1.29 and earlier use different lighting code for blocks, slabs, stairs etc. and the results are not consistent, resulting in visible light artefacts at block joints.

This upgrade is a byproduct of furniture, I had to do it to have furniture lit properly.

Also, little holes that were previously very dark no matter how many light sources you put around them should be much less dark now.