Monthly Archives: November 2016

Sea life

I once showed you a picture of a sea urchin. Well, there’s a lot more underwater stuff than just urchins coming in the next update:


32 bit blocks allow me to do a lot of cool things that were previously impossible. These underwater plants are both water and a plant – the water will flow from them like from a normal source block and plant can be broken down and picked up like on land. There is some┬átrickery to make it all work properly with physics, collisions and rendering, but┬áthe engine can stand it.

I also tweaked underwater fog. It changes colour and density with water temperature and humidity. In humid places like jungles the water becomes very murky. The depth also influences fog – if you dive deep, you’ll scarcely be able to see anything.

Incendiary Explosives

Another feature for the upcoming version: incendiary explosives.

Craft them from normal explosives by adding sulphur.

They are weaker, but produce a lot of fiery red debris that flies far and wide, setting anything flammable on fire.

Furniture Part 3

Here’s the final movie on furniture for you to check out:

I have moved beyond furniture now and there a bunch of new stuff waiting to be finalized before I can show it to you.