Survivalcraft File Explorer

One of the community members created a cool online tool which allows you to explore Survivalcraft worlds without using the game.

Here’s it is:



You need to give it a .scworld file and it will display all the modifed chunks in the world (i.e. the ones that were altered from the generated default). You can also view locations of various ores.

I hit a roadblock when working on the skins for 1.25 – that’s why it’s still not ready for release. The roadblock is to do with skins and block textures management, I wanted to change the way it’s all handled, to give you more control. Unfortunately it turned out it’s a lot more work than I expected – in fact I am still dealing with the mess :-) Anyway, I don’t expect it will take much more time now. Hopefully.


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      what about animals like dogs and sheep do the dogs can herd the sheep in to the pen. thnx p.s dont worry if you cant add this.its just an idea ;)

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    That’s so cool

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    survival craft Mc edit :)

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    Add furniture in SC 1.26

  5. Marlon Neveu
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    We want skins! We want skins! We want skins! We want 1.25! We want 1.25! We want 1.25! We want multiplayer! We want multiplayer!

    Sent from my iPod Touch 5th!! [] PLAY SURVIVALCRAFT!!


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      Shush dude,he’s trying his best

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        Though multiplayer would be nice,I don’t expect it for at least three updates (how many low hanging branches can there be?)

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          Agreed. He hasn’t even finished skins yet so multiplayer probably won’t even be an issue soon. Besides, multiplayer has to start slow before just throwing it in. Starting slow with local wifi connected multiplayer then getting into the big stuff. Its really annoying when people repeatedly ask for it though.

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      That’s a little rude to say Marlon. >:-)

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        Hey man,im here to ask you for help,please report all hotlove worlds and kidnapped worlds(the second is like a huge pedophile world) that stuff is really messed up

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      Multiplayer would cost a lot of extra money to host servers, especially because so many people use SC.
      I hardly play online games though, so I have not much saying in it…
      And it requires an exensive amount of work to add an entire new mode to the game and all the communication features.
      Next to that, we need administrators that keep a check on things, to prevent people getting bullied and such.
      But perhaps with a monthly fee/suscribtion? (And possible for the new employees and office space if Kaalus were to hire people to do all the extra work to get it done.)
      But I do not really need multiplayer, so this is easy for me to say! lol!

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        Yes I realize this,but multiplayer,even a bad one,will make sc more popular,and Kaalus can start charging more for the game

        • Tom Fryers
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          Kaalus wouldn’t need to charge more, Survivalcraft would just get loads more downloads.

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          Well,he increases the price every so often anyway

        • Tom Fryers
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          I didn’t know he did. Inflation :-)


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        Yes, hopefully it won’t be painful like minecraft pocket edition’s realm servers. Maybe it can have in-game profiles and inboxes to message and invite players directly into the game.

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    That is cool, but I don’t have a computer, only a kindle, so can I still use it?

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      Probably not

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      Actually, you can. You just need a Dropbox account and the Dropbox app. Just put your SC files in your dropbox account and on your computer download it to your computer. (you need dropbox to upload community content too, just saying).

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    world explorer is really cool thing.gotta give it a try.
    Hopefully you pass this roadblock and get it released soon.

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    Wow that’s cool. Keep up the good work Kaalus,im sure you can figure it out

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    yay skins finally

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    Ancioso para jogar. Não vejo a hora :-D

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    Cool! Great to hear back from you Kaalus!

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    really COOL!!!!!!!=)

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    Yay! Kaalus isn’t dead!

    • minerqueen
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      I know! I was starting to wonder if the werewolves had finally gotten to him! ( :

  15. Tom Fryers
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    That tool looks awesome I’ll try and get it, hope the roadblock is passed and we can finally get new weapons. Nice work Kaalus.


  16. RosslynB
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    Holy moly… That tool is going to be VERY HELPFUL for my and my maps ;)

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    Yay! Rumours of your demise have been greatly exaggerated! Good luck and thanks for the file explorer! Just what I needed to map my massive community world file.

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      Hey man,im here to ask you for help,please report all hotlove worlds and kidnapped worlds(the second is like a huge pedophile world)

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        Thanks, I just reported 2 kidnapping ones. This is a new low. Also, Remember the internet is full of creeps. Never post any personal info, even in the Survivalcraft community.

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    @Kaalus If you have extra time, please make an app that would allow us to create skins 3d straight away rather than using paint or other things. I know how to make skins on minecraft, but here it’s confusing, what the heck is the thing on his head that makes him look like an alien? I’m just so confused

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      There are survivalcraft apps out there that makes the skins but the problem is that ‘is it the right format like kaalus gave us’. they do currently have skin apps but i beleive theyre more outdated as the pamphlet shows the characters face and back and arm. as kaalus’s template shows the sides of character.

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    Kallus isnt dead yyaaaaaaaayyy

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    Kaalus all my friends think Mine craft if better. I try to tell them no but they have good reasons. Survival craft just needs more things than mine craft its just mine craft as more items.

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      Actually you would be correct, if you are talking about PC version. Survivalcraft has plenty more items in it than MCPE. You have to realize it will take an extremely long time for a mobile game to beat a PC game

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    I have faith!

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    Hey a new post! Good to hear from you Kaalus! I hope that the skin problem doesn’t stress you out.

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    Hey that’s a great idea kaalus, nice to see your somewhat in track of things Hey kaalus, can you add whips and lasso’s in the next update, it gives us more uses for the vines

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    Hey aesopredux, about my skin request in the last post, I wasn’t expecting any swastikas, I was hoping you would make a German Soldier and on the side of the arms just put a German Flag…..please could you do this for me?

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    The world explorer thing is actually really cool. I checked out some of my old survival worlds, and proved my saltpeter theory in the process.

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      what is the theory??

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      I thought no one knew about that theory except me and you,however I’ve found lots of saltpeter in sand mountains,so it’s only half right

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        It’s wa theory that only applies to flat areas! Either way the theory is that most saltpeter is located on the edge of sand banks where sand meets grass. Most saltpeter is found using this fashion in relatively flat areas.

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    Take a break once in a while Kaalus,don’t be stressed

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    Just what we needed :)

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    YAY!!! lets go survivalcraft!!! GREAT JOB KLAUS!

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    Can u use the new tool thing on tablets? I have a kindle fire HD…….

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    A couple things about the File Explorer…
    1. It shows your world upside down. We are on the east coast according to sunrise. But North direction in world is actually “down” in the app. It would be better to have North be “up”, IMO.
    2. I like the mouse scroll-button zoom feature, but it would be even more useful if I saw more blocks than just one as I zoom out. I know this means increasing calculations exponentially. But if there’s a way then I could use this to map spread out builds. Maybe a real low res, 2D representation would work?

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      In #2 by “block” I actually mean a region of blocks.

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        Lol. WordPress should really add a edit comment option for the blog posts. It’s sometimes a hassle reading through comments and seeing that most are fixes to someone’s previous comment that they made an error in.

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    Finally kalus thanks you for the new post

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    “it’s coming!” – GoGo TigerMan 2014

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    Nice one but can I use this in a iDevice?

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      By the way new post 😀 I thought no new post or any updates will be coming. Also I thought you forgot to release it, hopefully not, you hit a roadblock that’s why it’s too long, you didn’t release it yet. I hope this update will not come longer 😀.

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    hey guys dont forget about my wordpress. i currently got some followers but not many people comment about my stuff. i’d be greatly appreciated if you came and followed.


    Dont forget to comment.

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    Can’t wait =-) But can you make it multiplayer

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      dude do you even read the posts here?
      multiplayer is barely impossible to achieve at this moment
      Minecraft may have MP but they have hundreds of testers and staffs working on it.
      Kaalus is developing survivalcraft all on his own

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    Santa Kaalus is coming to town… I mean back.

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      You better not cry, you better not pout! ;)

    • The Pokemon Miner
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    This world file explorer is a great way to cheat and find where all the diamonds are hiding…in my castle world 2 map, I found out there is a boat load of diamonds directly beneath the castle and the spawn area

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      actually you don’t need that to get diamonds. you could go out during a full/new moon and kill some werewolves. They sometimes drop diamonds. You might think it’s dangerous but:
      Dying from werewolves is not a bad thing, you can still get back your items back, plus you can make traps for those like I did. It’s better considering the fact that diamond ore is really hard to find and you could potentially fall to lava and lose everything permanently

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        True but with the world explorer you can see where all the diamond ore is and where magma pockets are and there is no risk of dying or losing stuff

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          Yep, also its a better achievement to find diamond yourself.

        • Tom Fryers
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          Iff people want to cheat they already can (turn it to Creative then back into Challenging). That is not the point of Challenging though. The clue is in the title.

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      This tool is not working for me.

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    This may seem like a big ask but could you give animals skins you can modify

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    I Thing kaalus need to make a app or include in the game to make the texture pack and the skin not everybody have a computer and any way this is game for phone and tablet really need to include the option or a external app. Anyway you doing awesome kaalus

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      I’d rather he focus on what only he can do, the game development. Waste of his time to do general stuff you and I could learn to do. :)

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      You CAN make skins and texture packs with your phone/tablet using pixel art editor apps.

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    It is a good thing this is a web-based tool, so I can also use it on the go on Android. (I use Andoid 4.3/CM 10.2) Firefox webbrowser seems to work well with it, and Cyanogenmod file explorer to upload the world files.)
    Glad Kaalus is still with us! We knew he is always working hard for all of us! (-: (Please, don’t stress yourself out too much on the work Kaalus!)

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    kaalus when do you think you will finish the skins

  43. jonathanfelix123
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    Have you visited my blog? If not you should. I am creating a world based on The Hunger Games. It won’t be exactly the same but we will still have “The Hunger Games.” For more info, see my blog @

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    That looks really cool! Can’t wait to play Survivalcraft again. Hopefully I’ll get a new phone before 1.25.

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    I have an idea that could be added into the game. Mushrooms. I was just about to mushroom hunting with my dad, when I thought, “Mushrooms would go really good in Survivalcraft.” So, I have an idea on how to cook the mushrooms if you are pondering if you want the mushrooms or not. You could go to the crafting table and put the mushroom in it, then put some flour in it. Then it’ll come out as a mushroom with flour on it. Then, you take a bucket of water and the mushroom and put them in your stove and cook them. Them the mushroom will come out cooked and darker then it originally was. And the bucket will come out empty in the box with the. … in a row. There!! I think that would be really cool in the game and hope Kaalus ponders with the Idea. Does anyone agree with me?

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      I like it. This is a very well thought out idea. You should post it on the forum under Feature Requests. Hmm wild mushrooms are known to be poisonous. Perhaps that would be a risk – a safe and a poison version that look similar.

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      Awesome idea.

    • Posted May 6, 2014 at 01:28 | Permalink | Reply

      Don’t forget the poisonous mushrooms!!!

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    Wheres daverave?

  47. Victoria Soto
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    Can you announce the date of release , because i am not going to there after 8th may and will return after 30th may.


  49. Tom Fryers
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    I’ve just converted the default Minecraft ‘Steve’ skin to the Survivalcraft format, if anybody wants it it is at

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    It has been almost 4 months and 4days since last release.Too many days over. Won’t you release it Before 8th may.

    • Posted May 4, 2014 at 16:04 | Permalink | Reply

      Who are you to say what is too many days? Go check out Minecraft Pocket edition. It takes years for updates for that app, with zero communication about if there’ll ever be another.

      • Posted May 5, 2014 at 12:49 | Permalink | Reply

        Actually I was comparing it with earlier survival craft releases . They were made by kaalus very fast in a months time or so. I still appreciate his work on survival craft. He alone works on it.

        • Posted May 5, 2014 at 15:24 | Permalink

          Ah, a comparison, not a demand. Sorry, I get tired of seeing those. You are being informative. Kudos. :)

        • Posted May 5, 2014 at 18:46 | Permalink

          Well this isn’t one of the earlier releases. This is 1.25. These are harder features to work on than he has in the past.

        • Posted May 6, 2014 at 11:27 | Permalink

          I know it is very hard . You can see how many posts he has put up for 1.25 features. It has very exciting features for which I cannot wait for.

        • Tom Fryers
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          Also remember work has slowed because he was/is moving house.

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    ALRIGHT EVERYONE IS GONNA HATE ON ME but i want to say that i CANNOT WAIT ANYMORE to play with the epic bombs and explosive arrows also the main thing SKINS davidthegamefreak even made a skin for me lol please kaalus do it fast

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    Can someone make a joel (from the last of us) skin

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    Kaalus can you please make it so that you could make portals in survivalcraft?

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    Is it possible to have that on a tablet? Or a kindle fire HDX?

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    Hey guys after you have inserted your survivalcraft world into the text box through the browse button, where do you go after that to look through the world?

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    Dear developer, have you seen this knockoff game “Survival Craft Zombies”? He obviously doesn’t have the right to use your copyrighted name so send a DMCA to google and they’ll take it down!

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    It is possible to use this Explorer on a tablet, but you need to install and run firefox Explorer as it only works with it on the android device. Upload the world to dropbox or to your gallery first. After you have inserted your survivalcraft world into the text box through the browse button, wait until it opens.

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    Survivalcraft has finally gotten over 500,000 downloads! That’s almost half as Minecraft pocket edition! Survivalcraft might be starting to get popular soon. ;-)

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    Sorry if Ive been commenting to much but visit my blog for the latest news on Survivalcraft Community activities. I’m looking for more help for construction on a very large Survivalcraft City. So click my name and comment on my blog to have fun in the Survivalcraft City Crafter community of friends. Visit

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    Hi kaalus, whats up? I have some nice sugestions for survivalcraft.

    The first one is a new type of gamemode: the “doomsday mode”, in this gamemode, you have to choose in how many time the doomsday will strike (10 days, 20 days etc.) the difficulty is the same as challeging, but you cannot respawn like in “cruel” gamemode, when doomsday strikes, every flamable block that is NOT underground will burn into flames, it will being to rain, and all the animals (including birds) that are NOT underground will transform into werewolves, making survival outside impossible. The objective in this gamemode is to make a sustainable underground shelter and try to survive as much time as you can, you will need an underground farm, some cows ostrichs, lots of food, etc.

    The second sugestion is to add a mod support for the game, lots of players have cool ideas for mods and other stuff, it probably could be added to the comunity content in some “mod page” it would be really nice.

    The third suggestion is to add a new type of boat: “The mega boat” (this probably would be a mod content). The mega boat is a much bigger boat than a normal one, this boat is much faster and resilient, and it have a “second floor” with a whell that controls it. You are able to put a few block inside it, like a wicker lamp, a chest or a crafting table. I’ve putted some examples of it’s design on this email, see the images. Of course, the boat will not be so big like in the images, thats just an idea of how it would be. This boat would be very nice for long trips on the sea, and it’s just amazing.

    The last thing: I want to report a annoying bug related to sea islands. When you step on some islands, there blocks aren’t solid, and you end falling out of the world, they are like a “phantom block islands”. Please fix this bug, because i love to make sea adventures and the phantom islands always ends with my hard made game :(.

    Pleaseeeeee, reply to this e-mail if you can, I hope you will like my ideas and congratulation for the awesome game.

    PS: I’m brazilian teenager, if i’ve made some ortography mistakes on the texts i’m sorry.

    • Tom Fryers
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      I think everybody needs to realise that mods will never come to any iOS game. This is because people could easily create virus mods. Apple would never allow it. Same with Microsoft, Amazon etc.

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    Please create multiplayer in the next update! Even if it’s just through WiFi at first and it builds up, please make multiplayer!!! It would make the game more exciting and popular!

    • Posted May 6, 2014 at 00:56 | Permalink | Reply

      Multiplayer is one of the hardest things to code and include in a game. Everyone already requests multiplayer quite a bit and its not easy for anyone to program. Have some patience and let Kaalus work, You never know if and when multiplayer may be added so cut him some slack.

  62. Posted May 6, 2014 at 01:32 | Permalink | Reply

    Don’t you just hate those hotlove/funlove sites?

  63. Posted May 6, 2014 at 22:32 | Permalink | Reply

    Yay it’s almost done !!!!!!!

  64. Posted May 6, 2014 at 23:53 | Permalink | Reply

    Why the big holes in the “survivalcraft file explorer” render? It doesn’t seem ready for prime-time.

    Navigation (using the side panel) is fairly good, except it needs ability to click and “go-there”. My understanding is the Survivalcraft world/map is “infinite” (?) so shouldn’t the side panel show more of the terrain?

    Would also be good to have a way to see where certain other resources are (& other food items, wood, vines)

    • Tom Fryers
      Posted May 10, 2014 at 15:53 | Permalink | Reply

      It only shows chunks (16*16 block vertical shafts) which have been changed from the generated world.

  65. Posted May 7, 2014 at 09:59 | Permalink | Reply

    Its ridiculous how long it has took you to complete your up udates ive been a fan of survival craft before fly mode was even created, now that you have received a nice amount of profit from the gaame it seems you have abandoned what use to be your dream the turn aroumd time for the updates are horrible now it didn’t use to be that way. You should hire more help instead of just keeping ppls money and going on vacation if u keep this up I will do everything I can to downgrade your success in this field. Coming from a discussed fan smh absolutely horrible how you treat your fans now you see a little fame dont delete this either because u know its the truth

    • Posted May 7, 2014 at 15:18 | Permalink | Reply

      Wow so you’re the guy who drove Flappy Bird away! An expanding and ever more complex code base, wih occasional rewrites of same, nah that has nothing to do with it. Yes, you are so motivating, I’m sure he’s eager to please you now.

      • Posted May 7, 2014 at 20:46 | Permalink | Reply

        Kaalus is Kaalus but he’s just a one man, and so you’re saying that Kaalus shouldn’t take breaks? Kaalus has a life too. He needs breaks too, like we all do. Now, double tap the home button and throw the webpage away.

        • Posted May 8, 2014 at 11:46 | Permalink

          I understand he needs breaks just as we do. But when your commited to a job it should receive alot of your focus. I work 5 days a week not 2 days every 3 weeks. Kaalus needs to get it together or he will be just another computer designer that made it half way.

    • Posted May 7, 2014 at 22:49 | Permalink | Reply


      • Posted May 8, 2014 at 11:49 | Permalink | Reply

        I wouldn’t call it being a jerk just a business is business. You probably wouldnt understand that because your 10 so wqtch your mouth son haha

        • minerqueen
          Posted May 8, 2014 at 12:59 | Permalink

          No disrespect intended sir, but we like Kaalus the way he is. Sure, sometimes he is a little slow, but guess what! He’s human. Do you even play Survivalcraft every day?

        • minerqueen
          Posted May 8, 2014 at 13:54 | Permalink

          You probabally wouldn’t understand because you are a “professional business man”

        • Posted May 9, 2014 at 01:36 | Permalink

          Its supposed to get harder and longer when he adds more complex features. You have no idea what is happening in his personal life and shouldn’t be worried about his personal business. In all respect, you try to do what he has done over the years. These features aren’t even thought to be on mobile devices but he made it possible. You have no idea how many days a week he works because coding is very hard. This is one of the top paid games on the google play and app store. Its his game, I believe he can do what he wants with it. What kind of insult is saying that he will become a forgotten computer designer? I think he’s successful with a good selling game called Survivalcraft. where is
          your game? If you have one. He’s been making amazing progress over the years. Please don’t be ungrateful. :-)

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          Do you even know basic code like this? This is just basic app making. Imagine how hard it must be for Survivalcraft.
          package com.mycompany.myapp4;

          import android.os.Bundle;
          import android.util.Log;

          public class TetriBlastActivity extends Activity {

          private MainMap mMainMapView;

          public static final String TAG = “TetrisBlast”;

          private static String ICICLE_KEY = “tetris-blast-view”;

          /** Called when the activity is first created. */
          public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
          Log.d(TAG, “Create main layout”);
          getWindow().setBackgroundDrawableResource(R.drawable.tetris_bg);//Draw background
          mMainMapView = (MainMap) findViewById(;
          //TextView myText = (TextView) findViewById(;

          if (savedInstanceState == null) {
          // We were just launched — set up a new game
          } else {
          // We are being restored
          Bundle map = savedInstanceState.getBundle(ICICLE_KEY);
          if (map != null) {
          } else {

          protected void onPause() {
          // Pause the game along with the activity

          protected void onStop() {
          // Pause the game along with the activity

          public void onSaveInstanceState(Bundle outState) {
          //Store the game state
          outState.putBundle(ICICLE_KEY, mMainMapView.saveState());

        • Posted May 9, 2014 at 02:07 | Permalink

          In all due respect do you even understand this Android widget app code?

        • Posted May 9, 2014 at 02:08 | Permalink
        • minerqueen
          Posted May 9, 2014 at 02:17 | Permalink

          Please forgive me for the way I responded. Those were not kind things to say, and I apologize. Even though, I do not appreciate the way you talked about Kaalus.

        • Posted May 9, 2014 at 17:26 | Permalink

          1. Where did you get the idea that im 10 because i am 27
          2. All i am saying is that the more he adds the more difficult it will get and you shouldnt be saying that is ridiculous that the update isn’t out yet. Kallus is trying to make it as good as he and that is why it is taking so.long

    • Posted May 8, 2014 at 22:24 | Permalink | Reply

      Have you seen the last updates??? The last updates have added things no one in Minecraft or Survivalcraft have ever dreamed of, or have been requested many times over the years. If you expect an update every month, but the same level of content, then you have no care for its creator or the quality of the game. There are many Minecraft clones out there, but with 3 years of development we have seen a great game. Though the updates on wordpress may not be as often as in days past this does not mean the game is getting worse, it means we are moving to great things that require more attention from the creator and more support from the players, not people yelling at Kaalus for not posting everyday. If a bad, inpatient attitude persists in the community, then we shall see no more updates, and a creator who has left all of those impatient people to wait for something that will never come because of their inhumanity. I say inhuman because several members, and commentators on this forum and on the community send hurtful words because they have not received updates with minimal items. Sending hurtful words across the internet may not influence you, but it influences everyone else that reads it and especially Kaalus, who works so hard to bring us the excellent marvel that is Survivalcraft. If have nothing that brings someone up, but doesn’t bring something down, don’t say it assuming that things will go your way.

  66. Posted May 7, 2014 at 20:39 | Permalink | Reply

    Can someone make me a Lee or Clementine skin?

  67. Posted May 7, 2014 at 23:17 | Permalink | Reply

    Hi guys,

    My name is Stefan Cioc, and I’m the developer of this tool (Survivalcraft Explorer). Please don’t blame Kaalus for anything related to this program – if anything is not OK, is my fault.

    Thank you for the comments on topic and appreciations. I will try to answer to your questions and suggestions below.

    – why the big holes in the map? – only the chunks (groups of 16×16 cubes) that you alter in some way are saved in the game file; the others are simply generated using a random generator each time you run the game (but each time in the same way). I should know the generation algorithm in order to reproduce them – but I don’t know it and is out of the scope of a simple web application. So if you need to see the missing map pieces, just change the landscape slightly (add a block, or carve a block) so that the chunk is saved in the game file.
    – navigation using click on minimap – I agree, it’s very useful, I’ll try to add it
    – world orientation is not correct – I never thought about this; I’ll try to fix, but anyway I don’t think is very relevant, as you can rotate the map freely
    – zoom out should display a bigger part of the map: this is risky to do, as a high polygon count can easily bring the 3D renderer to its knees. I’ll try to do it with separate buttons – you can click on them, but I can’t guarantee if it works – depends on the local hardware.
    – should display also trees / wood / animals: yes, is possible, but this was not in the scope initially. The idea was to build an application to discover hidden caves and resources (the trees and animals you can see with your eyes…)
    – run the program from tablet/phone: yes is possible, using Firefox and a File explorer application (you have to have both installed, in order to be able to open the .scworld file in the web page). It’s not so easy to use, though (if you zoom in is not possible to zoom out, because zoom out just change the view of the 3D render, doesn’t zoom out all page). I’ll try to fix it.

    I have also some comments to make:
    – there should be some feedback after you choose the file, that the game files are being unpacked. For complex worlds can take several seconds.
    – underground caves which are filled with water are not shown – currently the “caves” structure is built based on the interface of air with something else (stone, basalt, water etc.)

    But don’t forget that the program is free and open-source – so, if I don’t have time to do all this changes, you are kindly invited to contribute and add new features, on sourceforge!

  68. Posted May 8, 2014 at 00:31 | Permalink | Reply

    I kinda miss when he posted something every few days. Even if it was just letting us know what his most recent screw-up was, we like to be up to date.

  69. Posted May 8, 2014 at 02:20 | Permalink | Reply

    Kaalus may take a while to post now, but he is working on things that take many days and are beyond cool.

  70. Posted May 9, 2014 at 03:23 | Permalink | Reply


  71. Posted May 9, 2014 at 03:23 | Permalink | Reply


  72. Posted May 9, 2014 at 14:56 | Permalink | Reply

    Derrick price if I may,you are disrespectful to kaalus and this may not be related to Survival Craft but,
    Why live in a world without change,change is the action that makes us human,change is keeps our mind learning,
    And if you cant accept the change of what Kaalus is making,then you cant accept anything smaller that
    Will change.

    • Posted May 11, 2014 at 05:58 | Permalink | Reply

      Son come here, put this bottle of milk I soaked from my cattle here in your mouth and suck on it and dont you say another word.

  73. Posted May 9, 2014 at 14:59 | Permalink | Reply

    Uh forgot to put “what” in that sentence (change is what keeps our minds learning)

  74. Posted May 9, 2014 at 16:07 | Permalink | Reply

    Hi guys… So I used to be hard core SC.. But this update is way over due…it’s almost been half a year for a single update primarily for a explosion, some weapons and skins…it will take me about 5 minuets to exploit these features…so I have been playing a far superior block building game called space engineers. They release a update every week and have already released wheels, weapons and multiplayer to name a few things…. And yes I am voicing my options on this game because I am a paying consumer of this product. So if you guys like to build without limitations and enjoy developer feed back and weekly updates then play a superior game. Space Engineers.

    • Posted May 9, 2014 at 22:11 | Permalink | Reply

      Have you realized that game in on the pc, and may have a whole team? I also looked at the updates log, the game does not grant huge updates, but small things at a time which require less time to push out. Also saying that a game has multiplayer compared to Survivalcraft is not a big deal; for instance, look a World of Cubes it has multiplayer, but Survivalcraft is much better. I may also be guessing, but attitudes like this may make Kaalus not want to work on Survivalcraft anymore if people don’t care about the creator.

      • Posted May 9, 2014 at 23:13 | Permalink | Reply

        Yes I am quite aware of all your topics thank you… But my opinion still stands…. If he Doesn’t work on SC anymore then it won’t be my loss.

        • Posted May 10, 2014 at 01:54 | Permalink

          Well than you obviously don’t care much about Survivalcraft. If you don’t even play, why do you even bother looking here?

    • Posted May 11, 2014 at 05:54 | Permalink | Reply

      I agree with you ultra glad you have sense like me

  75. Posted May 9, 2014 at 19:39 | Permalink | Reply

    If you follow that ship at the beginning and just keep following it does it ever end up somewhere?

    • minerqueen
      Posted May 9, 2014 at 20:42 | Permalink | Reply

      I’ve tried, but I haven’t gotten anywhere.

  76. Posted May 9, 2014 at 22:11 | Permalink | Reply

    People aren’t very nice to Kaalus. We should all see what he has done so far, respect that, and be patient for the new update.

    • Posted May 9, 2014 at 23:24 | Permalink | Reply

      Hi Blake.. You must be new to this forum.. Patience for a 6 month update is way over due… I’ve been following SC since 1.22 … sure others may have been following longer.. Props to them… But someone new like you can’t really say have patience when you just started. I’m not disrespecting Kaalus… I’m just suggesting to play something better… Better concept, better feedback and better updates….obviously I’m interested in SC but… Very, very long updates loses my interest amongst the hundreds of others that fell out of SC favor.

      • Posted May 10, 2014 at 01:52 | Permalink | Reply

        New? Um… no. I’ve played Survivalcraft from before the horse update and I can tell you that patience can run with people well over our time.

        • Posted May 10, 2014 at 01:55 | Permalink

          Also, you may lose interest in this game, but don’t take it out on the creator or the others that still like Survivalcraft very much.

      • Posted May 10, 2014 at 01:56 | Permalink | Reply

        I guess I’ve been playing since 1.20

      • Posted May 10, 2014 at 02:46 | Permalink | Reply

        Hehe! Long updates?! Go play Minecraft PE! And they have a whole team!

        Sorry, but I’m sick of the attitude some of the people here have. You’re lucky that Kaalus even updates this game. And so what this update takes longer? Just because the rest of his updates took a certain amount of time, you EXPECT and DEMAND that this be the same? He has a life outside of this too! How selfish and rude! Why don’t you go away and come back when you can show some respect to the game and to its creator.

      • Posted May 11, 2014 at 05:53 | Permalink | Reply

        Maggie learn how to take pipe

  77. Posted May 10, 2014 at 10:48 | Permalink | Reply

    I look forward to the stone fences and weapons, those wolves ect have killed me one time too many… Time for payback i think. It looks like a great update kaalus excellent work

  78. Posted May 10, 2014 at 13:21 | Permalink | Reply

    i have followed the game since it started i think you people giving kaalus grief for taking his time to produce a good quality update then your pathetic go and play your other games and dont comment on here!

  79. Posted May 10, 2014 at 18:15 | Permalink | Reply

    I looked over one of the older post’s comments, and they are drastically different from today’s comments. In older posts people would cheer on Kaalus and not say “When is the update?” all of us can change the current mood of the comments and give Kaalus the praise and recognition he deserves. Keep up the good work Kaalus! I hope you still enjoy making Survivalcraft.

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