Daily Archives: September 24, 2013

Bugs, bugs

1.23, like most earlier releases will have a fair share of bugfixes. A large number of bugs big and small found in 1.22 are fixed. Here’s the list:

  • Player could place a block over himself causing death when in confined spaces – fixed
  • Player’s hand flickers while in range of artificial lighting and terrain blocks are changing nearby – fixed
  • Flickering bugs with pickable items, projectiles and sign texts – fixed
  • Dangerous animals were permanently losing interest in player after some time – fixed
  • Dawn and dusk times were not set correctly when using time of day button – fixed
  • Potential race condition when accessing device storage – fixed
  • Cave creatures were spawning on artificial blocks which caused them to spawn e.g. inside buildings – fixed
  • Framerate limiter was unnecessarily taking CPU time – fixed
  • Coal blocks can burn out if placed next to a chunk boundary – not fixed, waiting for 32bit blocks

Of course, with the new features also come new bugs. So all I really hope for is to maintain the status quo in 1.23 :-)

Apart from other features mentioned in earlier posts, 1.23 will have more than 10 new electric devices and a new mechanic that should make electricity even more powerful. I will make a video soon that shows what it’s all about. All you’ve seen so far is a motion detector.

7-Segment Display

The new server

A few days ago I migrated the entire community content to a new server, specially prepared for 1.23 launch. The new server has a lot of new features, including download counts, ratings and offensive content reporting.

You cannot make use of most of these yet, because 1.22 does not have the necessary UI. But you should be able to see the download counts and publish dates:


These are real numbers calculated by the new server. I would say they are quite impressive. 45000 downloads in a few days?

Once 1.23 is out you’ll be able to rate the content – that should make it even better.

I am still bogged down in the new electrics stuff, but my TODO list for 1.23 is getting shorter and shorter.