Daily Archives: September 21, 2013

Burglar Deterrent

If you have looked at my twitter┬árecently, you know I’ve been working on some new electrics. And it’s not just new elements, but a big revamp and a whole new mechanic that should give more depth to the system.

I think I have the hardest part of that done, now it just remains to reap the benefits and add more elements that use the new system.

The one I am going to show you today doesn’t technically need the new system (could work just as well in the old one), but it still benefits from it. Here’s the video:


I don’t want to explain yet what the extension is all about, but it will let me do a whole plethora of new electric devices. It should also make it simpler to build complex electric stuff.

Motion Detector

If you look closely, in the video you may spot a few other elements in the inventory. Guesses welcome, as always :-) I’ll explain what they do next time.