Daily Archives: June 8, 2013

Farming Progress

I am still working on the farming. As you can see on the screenshot below, Survivalcraft now has nicely depressed soil blocks.



Plants will only grow to their full extent on soil blocks, which are properly hydrated and fertilized. In addition to that, my plan is that different types of plants will require different parameters of soil – yet to be determined. Hopefully this will work out, although I am foreseeing several problems.

The way I see it now, you will also be able to plant everything even on plain dirt, but it will never grow too big.

I still haven’t decided which plants to include and how many growth stages to give them.

Those who follow me on Twitter saw that I am adding some new horny and feathery animals to the game. This is true, I think 1.22 will have the largest batch of new animals yet. You have already seen the Rhino and the Orca, and I will post some videos of the remaining ones once I finalize them.

Adding animals is fun, but each new type consumes between 50 and 100kB of RAM on the device. I can foresee the moment when 256MB devices won’t be able to  handle any more :-(