Daily Archives: June 6, 2013

I am back

…and working on the new feature, as promised in the last post. Today I added a new tool that goes with it, was quite tricky to model. Eventually, after a few abortive attempts I settled on the simplest version. Here’s how it looks like at the moment:

Wooden Rake

Yes, it’s a rake. Looking at it now I think I should make the horizontal bar a little narrower. The rake comes in 4 flavors, as all other tools do. I am sure you can now easily guess what the new feature is. Of course there’s a lot more to do before it’s finished.

I am a little worried about 1.22, because I have a lot of things started but not finished, like the boat for example. When I’m done with this stuff I will have my hands full wrapping them up.

While I was away, a portal called Quality Index picked Survivalcraft into the Top 10 Android Games: http://android.qualityindex.com/news/19254/qis-top-10-android-games-and-apps-of-may-2013

Although it’s only 9th place, it’s still good because 9 is my favorite number :-)