Daily Archives: May 24, 2013


The final survival mechanic for 1.22 will be hunger. This is in addition to stamina and need to sleep, which you saw in the earlier posts.

I haven’t made a video today, because there’s nothing visual to show.¬†Instead, here’s how hunger works in 7 bullet points:

  • Food no longer restores health; health¬†restores slowly on its own
  • When you don’t eat for about a day, you will get a message saying you are getting hungry
  • The messages will get more frequent and alarming the more hungry you get over the next day
  • After about two days without food, you’ll start to slowly lose health
  • When you eat, a message will tell you whether you want more, or are stuffed (in which case you will not be able to eat any more)
  • Jumping, fighting and digging speeds up the need for food, but not by too much
  • You need to be well fed for the health to restore. If you’re hungry, it will not.

In addition to that, I am thinking of forcing the player to eat a balanced diet. I.e. if you only eat eggs, eventually (after a long time) something bad will start happening and you’ll have to get some other type of food. I haven’t decided on it yet. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

To balance out hunger, I also want to introduce a new, large game mechanic. I have thought about it for some time, and have a rough idea where to start. It’s big and a lot of people ask for it. For now I want to keep it secret, in case it does not work out.