Daily Archives: May 6, 2013

Finding Way Home

I am still working on the new survival mechanics. Hopefully will be able to show you something shortly. Don’t worry – at the moment the idea is that they will only work in Challenging and Cruel. Harmless will stay as it is, or at the very least will have a much nerfed variant of the survival.

Having so many of you to bounce ideas against is great. You spotted something which I haven’t even thought of. If I make it so that the player needs to sleep regularly, he will be forced to sleep outside of his house while on long journeys. This will invalidate the last spawn position, and the compass will no longer work. Finding the way home will be difficult.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to fix this:




A magnet is a new block being introduced in 1.22. Once placed, the compass will point towards it. When more than one is placed, they will point to the nearest one.

It will be crafted from iron (obviously), but I also want to add some other ingredient, and I’m not sure which yet. If you have any good ideas for magnet recipes, please post them below in the comments (preferably the whole recipe, including the shape).