Daily Archives: March 24, 2012

Once upon a time in a blocky forest


Custom texture packs

This is a totally pink texture:

Even though the texture is all pink, trees, grass and water have different hues. This comes from temperature/humidity calculations and is not affected by texture pack.

This is standard texture enlarged 4x with some cheap bumpmap effect applied:

And this is…?

Yeah, guessed correctly! A Minecraft texture pack.

During early days of Survivalcraft I used the same locations on the texture as Minecraft does, so early blocks like dirt, sand, wood etc. show correctly. Unfortunately most later blocks are different, so you cannot re-use Minecraft texture packs as-is.

And no, TNT is not in Survivalcraft yet :-) This is just a clay block that happens to use the same slot as TNT in Minecraft. But explosives may be next on my radar after Dropbox is finished.