Daily Archives: March 23, 2012

Dropbox app approved

Survivalcraft has now been approved as a Dropbox app. I was worried it will take days, but it was done in 15 minutes. These guys are quick!

The functionality is not finished yet, but this is roughly how it will work:

There is a new screen where you can see a list of files in your Dropbox. When you first enter there, you will have to login to your Dropbox account. This will launch the WP7 browser where you can type in your username/password and approve Survivalcraft accessing your data*. This only has to be done once.

Once login is out of the way, you will see the actual files. You will be able to select any one of them and download it to your phone. In Alpha 1.9 Survivalcraft will support 2 types of files:

  • Worlds (extension .scworld)
  • Texture Packs (extension .png)

Downloaded worlds will appear in Singleplayer screen, next to your existing worlds. Downloaded texture packs will appear in a new settings screen where you will be able to switch or delete them.

That’s pretty much it.


Of course I forgot to mention how the worlds will end up in Dropbox in the first place. There will be “Upload To Dropbox” button in Modify World screen (the place where you can rename world).

(*) Survivalcraft creates its own folder in your Dropbox account and it will only be able to access files in that folder. It cannot access data from outside.