Daily Archives: March 3, 2012

Game mode changing

I’ve just finished adding game mode changing and world renaming. It was more complicated than I thought it will be, and I ended up refactoring large chunks of world files management. A visible effect of this change is that you can now have many worlds with the same name. Will come in handy when you’ll be able to download worlds made by others.

With all those people playing Survivalcraft, I was genuinely scared to even touch this code. There is always a risk of breaking something no matter how careful one is. But in the end I had to do it – otherwise there would be trouble. I sincerely hope I will not make you lose any worlds! It doesn’t break anything on mine, and I will spend some more time tomorrow testing it thoroughly. Still, it may not be enough.

This is how the new world modification UI looks:

Ops, just realized that you can now flip between Cruel and other modes – which is not good as it defeats the purpose of cruel. Will fix tomorrow :-) Flipping to and from Cruel will be forbidden.