Daily Archives: March 2, 2012

Alpha 1.8 progress

Flying and manual time of day adjustment are in. That’s how the interface looks now in creative:

Clicking time of day adjustment button skips between 4 predefined time settings: dawn, noon, dusk and midnight. Unfortunately this will cause a slowdown for a few seconds due to lack of shaders on the phone – all terrain vertex buffers have to be rebuilt when lighting changes. Can’t help that.

As you can see, I re-enabled the sleeping/eating button, so in creative you can sleep and commit suicide as normal. Flying too high above the max height of the terrain will kill you as well.

When you fly, you always move in the direction of looking (plus a small offset towards up). So to move up and down you have to look that way first. Actually I found that the best way to fly up and down is to look down and move forward/back. Looking up is no good because you only see the sky.

After I spent some time flying around (it’s cool) I don’t think we need a separate way to fly up/down – the current system works well enough.

To finish creative mode I need to add instantaneous digging and clean up the input system which got quite messed up after recent changes.

The remaining stuff for 1.8 is:

  • switching game modes
  • magma spawning – this is the big one
  • fix some annoying bugs
  • I am not completely satisfied with the water/magma propagation may need to spend some time on it.
  • at least 10 super important things I forgot about and I will find out just before submitting

I am aiming for a submission during the weekend but it all depends on how hard magma spawning will be. I won’t be able to fit worlds sharing/backup for 1.8. Shame on me, this is what I wanted to do the most :-(