Drowning in block properties

You can now drown in Survivalcraft! And I added support for hand tools and different blocks taking more or less time to dig depending on which tool you use. There is one problem with this: the number of block properties has increased so much that it is no longer feasible to have them defined directly in code. So I need to come up with some reflection-based loader that takes an Open Office Calc file (I don’t have Excel) and populates block properties from it. Actually it may be better to save the data as CSV. Should be easy.

Before I release, these need to go in:

  • help screens
  • some tools (currently there’s only a stick :-)
  • tools taking damage
  • improve intro camera
  • probably something else that I don’t realize yet

I really want to have the 1st release out of the door ASAP.


  1. AREM
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  2. Posted January 31, 2017 at 21:24 | Permalink | Reply

    2011: Survivalcraft Alpha 1.0 only for WP7
    2017: Survivalcraft 2.0, for Android, iOS, Amazon, WP7-10, Windows 8.1

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